Gardakasa This item is out of stock. Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. China lays chips China durian chips China nachos chips. What will be the types of payment? One of the dpistar advantages to the LEDs we carry is their adaptability.

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Which type should I choose? What does the number of an LED chip mean? This code is less complicated than it looks — it simply indicates the size of the LED chip. Which is the best LED chip?

Each has its own spec: different power requirements and output brightness. You can find out more about each LED chip below. The LED chip explained Measuring 3. You will most often find chips on volt LED strips, drawing 4. These strip lights output around lumens per metre, depending on colour equivalent to a 40w halogen — enough to produce a smooth, bright effect when shining onto any surface.

InStyle offer red, green, blue, amber, and both warm and cool white SMDs as standard colours. We can also supply other white colour temperatures, made to order. Pulling 9. We recommend them for locations with strong ambient light, where more brightness is needed than the 4. Both types are also available in waterproofed versions IPrated. Safe to touch SMDs do not give off a lot of heat — you can safely touch them.

There are many manufacturers of SMDs. Cheaper alternatives are less bright and less reliable, and are prone to colour inconsistencies within the reel and between reels. They are available in the same colours, drawing twice the power to give twice the output. Lumen output is around lumens per metre depending on the colour.

Because of its high brightness, we recommend this LED tape as general lighting, or to replace fluorescent tubes and halogens. With an output of around lumens per metre, depending on colour, this tape gives you a smooth, bright effect when shining onto a surface. So each white LED actually has three white chips inside. The smaller size of the diodes just 3.

Their compact size allows two LEDs producing different white shades to be positioned very close beside each other, making it possible to mix a varied palette of different white-light tones from a single LED tape. So this really is a product for the future. We also offer splashproof IP65 and waterproof IP67 heatshrink-coated options. Now that chips have been available long enough to prove themselves, we confidently predict that more people will switch to them from SMDs, as they realise the advantages.

To give an idea of the importance of component quality, lower grade SMDs output less the lumens per metre. Because of this, we recommend installing SMDs with either an aluminium extrusion, additional heat-sink backing or a thicker and wider PCB. We offer this product in all shades of white.

When purchasing LED strip lights, you should ask yourselves these questions: Do you want feature lighting, task lighting, colour changing, waterproof, etc? Dimmable or non-dimmable? What colour do you want? How bright do you need the LED strips?


epistar 5630 smd led



LED Chips Explained – differences between 3528s, 5050s and other SMDs


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