Any exclusions that could affect my claim? What affects my CGU premiums? There are several factors that can influence the cost of your CGU Home Insurance, including: The level of cover you choose. Each CGU Home Insurance policy option provides a different level of cover and is offered at a price point to match. Choosing a lower level of cover will obviously mean cheaper premiums. The sum insured.

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Home and Contents Insurance Your home is your sanctuary — so make sure you protect it Your home is far more than a physical asset. Home is safety, security, familiarity and comfort — so an extreme weather event, accident or home invasion could cost you more than a material loss. What do you need to know?

Who should consider it? If you have a mortgage, your bank usually requires that you have home insurance over your home. But even if you own your home outright, have an investment property, or rent your home, you should consider some type of home insurance. What can it cover? Depending on your policy Home Insurance can include: Home Insurance: covers your building against things like flood, fire, explosion, natural disasters such as earthquake, storms or lightning strikes, damage by vandalism or break-in, and liability to third parties.

Contents Insurance: protects your valuable possessions, such as furniture, electronic items, whitegoods, sporting equipment and jewellery — so you can repair or replace them if they are damaged or stolen. There are exclusions. There is also often a deductible or excess and limits on cover, so check with your Steadfast insurance broker. You should consider the PDS in deciding whether to acquire, or continue to hold, home and contents insurance. Find a Steadfast Broker Get the right advice at the right price and have a local Steadfast broker on your team.


'Accidental Damage' - Matton Developments v CGU Insurance Limited (No 2)

The cause of the damage to a large Telescopic Crawler Crane Crane was in dispute, in particular, whether the damage was "accidental, sudden and unforeseen". Facts Matton submitted a claim to CGU seeking indemnity for damage to the Crane in February when its boom collapsed while lifting concrete slabs. This was considered the most logical explanation particularly in light of photographs taken after the incident which suggested that the Crane had been operated on a slope. The Court considered it significant that the operator was aware that operating the Crane on a slope would create a real risk of the boom collapsing, and that he proceeded despite this knowledge. It also argued that section 13 gave rise to a statutory duty, the breach of which also gave rise to an entitlement to damages.


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