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I am Elder Burke. This is a momentous occasion for us. Then there was me, who was ready to fucking bolt and trying not to roll my eyes. Grinding my teeth, I did it.

What was he up too? A few moments later he set his down on a nearby table and turned back to us, clasping his hands behind his back. In the twenty-five years since the Great War ended, the United Paranormal Alliance of Cooperation has watched and waited. We will wait no more.

However, their tolerance will only last so long. The constant fighting among the paranormal communities has come under scrutiny. We no longer have the luxury of watching you solve your own disagreements. That was never good. As such, we have taken measures to ensure that you take your place amongst our society. I glanced around to see lots of confused faces and questioning looks directed at the elders. Elder Burke gestured to the glass he had set down on the table.

As such, you are now bound by the covenants we put before you. You will go feral inside of a week. My father gave me a smirk and a mock salute. Son of a bitch! Both elders stepped back from the edge of the dais that they stood on. They knew the crowd was angry. Someone would have to be dense to not feel the tension in the air. It will insure that the need to mate outweighs your need to fight.

It is a particular additive that induces the mating heat in each of you. You will not be able to deny the need to mate. Anyone that attempts to negate the covenants of this spell will instantly be cursed as befitting their race. Vampires will no longer be able to drink blood. Shifters will no longer be able to shift. Magic user will have no magic, and so on. The two elders went to stand back with their fellow elders and turned back to face the crowd.

We expect to see each of you in twenty-four hours. May your hunt be successful. Seeing my father walking out with the rest of the elders to the side room off the ballroom, I raced over to him and grabbed his arm. Why include me? I just want to be left alone. When I turned back to my father, the shit had escaped away from me. But this was unreal! I already hated coming to these things every leap year because I was forced to socialize.

Now I had to take a mate in twenty-four hours or go feral? Un-fucking real! Lost in my own thoughts, I stumbled through the halls, ignoring everyone else who bumped into me. I stepped back inside and sat down in the quiet library to sulk. It was a wondrous room. I glanced around and took in the peace of the room and tried to let it seep into my weary mind. This was a room I wanted one day in a house of my own. It was two floors high without the ceiling, and had floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

The library even had the track ladders that were in the classic movies. I hate having to explain things to people, and they never understand my job or what I do for the pride. I just want to be left alone, you know what I mean? Not because they wanted to talk with me. And I tried to stay away from those with a fifty-foot pole. He was a gorgeous little twink with bright blue eyes and a firm little ass I wanted to sink my dick in all night. I realized it was a nervous gesture, and I found it quite endearing.

I dropped it back to my lap, my heart breaking that such a sweet little guy was ever abused. Seems I had a thing for small twinks who giggled. Who knew? He meant sexually. Well, fuck, I was more than willing to get some action at least. Why was the squeak as hot to me as the giggle?

Then I stood up and started stripping. It took me a minute again to realize he was serious when I saw his face fall at my words. Even lions in the wild were known for giving a quick fuck and moving on. But I could give him a few kisses now, at least. His eyes went wide as I slanted my lips over his and brushed them softly.

Giving him a longer kiss this time, I tasted something sweet on him. This was all Ant. Are you okay with the idea of mating me? Then I took of the rest of my clothes and looked back at him. I took a deep breath and tried to control my annoyance before I made things worse.

And people wondered why I rarely left my house! Fair enough. Ant had light skin that almost looked like perfect porcelain in the moonlight shining into the library. He quickly shucked the rest of his clothes, staring up at me with questioning eyes as he stood there naked. So stretch yourself out well. But under the circumstances, I could at least watch. Ant slicked up his fingers with a liberal amount before pulling his legs up and pushing two fingers into his ass.

I found myself fixated on where his fingers were moving inside of himself. The way his hole sucked them in each time as the skin of his rosette stretched around them. It was hot! You want to talk right now? I was completely captivated by his body and the idea that it would be mine soon. Figured we should start learning about each other. At least we could get some of the basics out of the way.

I gave it a few good tugs to remind my body that the fun was coming soon, pun intended. I have a shitload of books on my Kindle and in paperback. Already we had a bunch of common interests. I figured that had to be a good thing. I was completely floored that we lived right by each other but had to come to Scotland to meet. He was almost ready for me, and I realized I was now staring at the pool of pre-cum on his stomach.

I so wanted to lap it up like the cat I was. I have tons of companies wanting me to test their games. I pulled his hand away and put it on my cock to use the extra lube to slick me up. Ant gasped and stared up at me. I gave him a wink and moved into position.

I think he got off on causing pain. That was a long fucking time to go without sex, and I chose to focus on that part of what he said since I had no clue what to say about the rest of it. And then I almost smacked myself for being such a sentimental pussy. Why was I getting all mushy and watching what was going on instead of just fucking him into the couch? I reached over and grabbed his hips before taking him slowly.

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We appreciate your feedback. Gavin actually acted like an alpha male! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He finds other people annoying after being around them for only a short period of time, and having a mate sounds like pure torture to him.


Squeak And A Roar


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