Yet, when given this relatively simple passage from Beethoven to sight-read, which may be rated around "Grade 4," he was at a total loss. This is not a made-up scenario, but is a student I actually witnessed. Moreover, this is not the first time I have experienced otherwise talented and gifted students who know all their scales and arpeggios who have a difficult time playing chordal-style music, what I like refer to as "vertical-style" music. This passage may be rated about "Grade 5" according to most systems today, and thus, is not really "advanced" at all. Imagine how much better students could sight-read and play chordal passages such as this if they had been trained from the early levels to read and properly play church hymns, and especially, Bach chorales! The piano testing systems and curricula of today almost totally neglect the playing of hymns and chorales, which unfortunately leaves students ill-prepared for reading and comprehending chordal or vertical-style music.

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Bach , but finished by Kirnberger , J. Re-typeset c. Reprinted by Associated Music Publishers, Inc. The source edition has chorales, but chorale is not a four-part chorale, so it has been removed from this analytic edition. However, chorale numbering is maintained as in the source edition, with file chor All notation on this website is typeset dynamically by the Verovio music engraver, interfaced through the Humdrum notation plugin.

If you click on the Edit in VHV button above the music for a chorale, it will be loaded into Verovio Humdrum Viewer , where you can listen to and edit the music. Also, check out the chorale typesetter on this website, where you can adjust the layout of a chorale, transpose it, extract parts and then save an SVG image of the notation for use on your own webpage or as a word-processor figure saving currently not available in Firefox.

These digital scores can also be found as a submodule in the humdrum-data repository. Show titles only 01—10 11—20 21—30 31—40 41—50 51—60 61—70 71—80 81—90 91— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Project maintained by craigsapp.


371 Chorale Harmonisations

History[ edit ] The compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach that had been printed during his lifetime were nearly exclusively instrumental works. The most complete 18th century publication of chorales by J. About half of the chorale harmonisations in this collection have their origin in other extant works by Bach. This collection went through four more editions and countless reprintings until Several other collections of chorales by J. Bach were published, some of these using the original C-clefs or different texts. Not only are many works the chorales were extracted from no longer extant but there is no way of knowing how much of all the harmonisations that were once compiled the current collections include.


371 Chorale Harmonisations


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