The Author: Prof. Kev Nair Prof. Kev Nair was born in Kerala, South India, in And he was ranked first in university in both the LL. Nair was the person who discovered that "corrected broken English" is not fluent English - and that the secret of fluency is not classroom speech practice or other conventional methods, but mastery of what he calls "fluency techniques". He was the first person in the world to author a series of books on how to develop a high degree of fluency in English.

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But do you speak it fluently? For fluency in English. A time-honoured self-study system. For those who write good English. They aim to teach you how to speak English with great fluency. These 20 books, together form a single unit: A united, integrated system of building fluency in English. Kev Nair has written these books in such a way that they work together well and form a single whole. They give you complete knowledge of how to achieve true fluency in English.

Yes, an encyclopedic knowledge. That is why they, together, are called the Fluency-building Encyclopedia. These books aim to help you achieve true fluency in spoken English. Like nothing else can. And they aim to help you speak English as fluently as articulate native-born people in English-speaking countries.

In genuine spoken English. Kev Nair. India is where English fluency building was systematised for the first time in the world as a distinct teachable subject. And that was Kev Nair, better known as the father of fluency development. Kev Nair is internationally respected as "the father of English-fluency building" and as the "father of English fluency lexicography".

No other work on English fluency-building has ever been acclaimed and praised as highly and as universally as this set of 20 fluency-building books by Prof. Total wisdom of spoken English fluency Prof. They help you master the specialized techniques that will help you put the unique fluency knowledge into practice -- by speaking English only according to this knowledge. In real-life situations. To be done solely by self-study. Yes, by total self-study.

That is, anyone who knows reasonable English can make use of Prof. Without help from a teacher or anyone else. Without getting any coaching or any instruction from anyone. So take note of this: The fluency-building system based on Prof. This is because Prof. You achieve true fluency only when you do a course of self-directed self-study.

On your own. Entirely on your own. This self-directed self-study is what it really takes to achieve fluency in English. And this is the role that Prof. The problem preventing you from speaking English fluently. And the solution Kev Nair, an eminent scholar of international repute and a renowned English language lexicographer, goes into this question in depth and comes up with clear answers in Fluentzy, a series of twenty definitive books on the subject authored by him.

These 20 self-study books, as a set, constitute a dedicated system of fluency building. To help you achieve fluency in English, Prof. It teaches you how to get rid of all the problems that prevent you from speaking English fluently. Through these two methods, Prof. At length. In detail. Without prior planning. Or advance preparation. And not fluency-building tools. This may sound incredible at first, but this is a fact. For example, classroom training cannot make you truly fluent in English.

Reasons: See Fluency Facts Tips on English Usage: Free feature Many people tend to use words and phrases in ways that modern English usage does not accept as correct or proper.

Many give words and phrases meanings that are different from their meanings in current usage. Do you tend to make mistakes in English usage? Study the tips on English usage posted here. Of course, some of these methods can help you speak one-line English -- here and there: One-line statements. One-line questions. One-line replies. One-line instructions. But mind you, true fluency in English is something else. Something totally different. What is fluency? What is true fluency in English? By giving supporting details, reasons, justifications, and illustrative examples of situations and events.

Easily, clearly, confidently. Without unwanted hesitations. And by effectively managing all naturally-occurring hesitations. And by juggling with English words and word-clusters. The way articulate native-born English-speaking people do.

Understand this: Every real-life speech situation brings up new twists and turns -- and throws up new speech-composition problems. And fluency in English is your ability to navigate these twists and turns -- through good English. And to keep up a steady flow of speech. So the skill of spoken English fluency is a unique skill. The only skill of its kind Fluency in spoken English needs a different approach.

A completely different approach. Instead of just remaining on the tip of your tongue. Read Prof. And do the skill-building drills and exercises they ask you to do. With those books. By yourself, for yourself. That is the only way to achieve true fluency in English. No teacher-dependent method can help. You should do independent study — outside classrooms. Yes, outside. Teach yourself. Do an English fluency course at home -- by yourself, for yourself.

Without a teacher. Without even depending on the distance education mode. This is what it takes to achieve true fluency in English. Far more quickly and far more easily than you think. How to make progress in your fluency level in about 3 months If you already have a good or reasonable proficiency in English, Prof. But spare no effort. Do a fluency-building English course at home -- by yourself, for yourself.

With Prof. Yes, to achieve great fluency in English, you have to do what it really takes. Know that the path that Prof. In fact, it is the only right path. For reasons, read the Fluency Facts. Keep this in mind: Nothing that you do by following Prof. And every little that you do according to it adds to your spoken English fluency.

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The Author: Prof. Kev Nair



Fluentzy by Kev Nair


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