Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Since the summer of , CrimethInc. Typically featuring the performances of traveling theatrical troupes, musicians, direct-action and mutual-aid workshops from individual participants, the few-days-long camping trips have attracted coverage in newspaper articles, [21] initiated multiple Reclaim the Streets actions, mobilized large Critical Mass events, and catalyzed many other activities. There has been a pattern of promoting convergences as festivals, reminiscent of barnstorming flying circuses and travelling sideshows. Grimy and feral-looking, the CrimethInc kids squatted in small groups around a clearing Every year a different set of policy requests is released from locals in the field, typically encouraging a sober, consensus-based space in which no financial transactions are made.

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This page manual complements the romance and idealism of that earlier work with practical information and instruction. These are illustrated with extensive technical diagrams and first-hand accounts, and prefaced with a thorough discussion of the diverse roles direct action can play in social transformation.

Read a detailed blog post about the improvements and their history here. Gallery image 01 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 02 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 03 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 04 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 05 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 06 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 07 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 08 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Gallery image 09 of Recipes for Disaster : an anarchist cookbook Reviews It deserves to be read beyond the circular networks of true believers, for in the grace of its plain-spoken sedition it succeeds as a master-piece of radical propaganda … Each recipe is a viral revolt.

We have learned how to redecorate the walls of cities occupied by armies of riot police, to transform random groups of damaged, isolated individuals into loving communities capable of supporting one another through the most severe bouts of repression and depression, to shut down corporate summits and franchises armed with little more than plastic piping or eyedroppers of glue. Now, the notorious CrimethInc. For those who gambled that CrimethInc.

The sixty-two recipes run the gamut from Affinity Groups to Wheatpasting, stopping along the way at topics as disparate as Hitchhiking, Sabotage, and Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence.

Each recipe is illustrated as necessary with photographs, technical diagrams, and firsthand accounts—culled, of course, from anonymous sources—of times the particular method or tactic was applied. Choosing and editing the content for such a work is a difficult challenge, and it took an assembly of more than thirty collectives nearly three years to complete Recipes for Disaster.

Content was selected and perfected according to three basic criteria. First, for the sake of safety and precision, subject matter was limited to methods with which the authors had extensive experience.

Second, submissions were given preference according to how much material was already available on the subject: Recipes for Disaster includes very little on herbal remedies, as extensive literature has already been published about them, but features a full thirty-five pages on organizing black blocs and similar forms of anonymous mass action, since little resource material exists for those who would apply this potentially dangerous yet often useful strategy.

Finally, as much as possible, the recipes are presented from a nonpartisan angle, with an emphasis on sharing concrete skills rather than spreading any ideological agenda, so the book might be of use to the widest possible range of readers working towards liberation in all its forms. As before, we urge admirers to nurture in themselves whatever worthy qualities they mistake us for having, and critics to complement our efforts with efforts of their own rather than passive disparagement.

No one work on the subject of direct action can possibly be complete, but this book might serve a useful purpose if others supplement it with the projects they think we should have undertaken. In publishing this incomplete, imperfect book, we hope to provoke others into undertaking more projects of their own, not freeze them into adulating or offended spectatorship of our activities.

One might ask of the publishers of this new anarchist cookbook, as Emmett Grogan demanded of Abbie Hoffman upon the publication of Steal This Book! At any rate, our answer to this charge is that these skills and the struggle for which they are useful must both be extended to much broader circles, or else they are doomed to obsolescence anyway.

The narrow, comparatively small explicitly anarchist community of today is a poor match for the assembled power of the global empire; for massive change to be possible, anarchist skills and approaches need to be generalized to a much broader social spectrum. In limited cases, yes, the powers that be will be able to use our book to prepare themselves for our efforts to contest their control, but we hope that this drawback will be outweighed by the ways in which this work can help equip new generations to strike blows for freedom from unexpected directions and in unpredictable ways.

In short, why give away our secrets? If you associate yourself with the struggle for a better world, consider how you can do your part to get these tools into unlikely hands. And lest we miss this chance to make a challenge of our own, we ask certain paragons of the anarchist community, so pleased with themselves for perfecting their abilities in rhetoric and disputation while others have been quietly working on actually changing the world, to come over to our side of the barricades.

It matters little how insightful a critique is if it is not put into practice, and by the same token a critique not born of practice is not likely to contain much insight. Talk without action only sets a precedent for more of the same; actions themselves can be eloquent, on the other hand, in ways that words rarely can.

Some anarchists seem to conceive of the process of anarchist organizing as consisting of a long phase of debate over what constitutes effective tactics, followed by agreement upon and application of one approach, but such loquacious deferral of action is pointless: one need only demonstrate an effective tactic, and share the skills it requires, for others to see its worth and adopt it for themselves. As a dadaist wrote long ago, one is only entitled to those ideas which one puts into practice.

Ultimately, as usual, the important question is how you can make use of an inert commodity like this in your own efforts to live with passion and dignity, and that is something none of us could help you with from this distance. Hopefully, however, the legions of aspiring adventurers who have written us over the past five years asking how they can join the CrimethInc.

As the folk singer croons, to fight for something is to make it your own. May your every dream come true, —CrimethInc. Agents Provocateurs, chilly December Table of Contents.


Recipes for Disaster: an anarchist cookbook



Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook





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