Common elements[ edit ] Certain institutions suggest that all physical theatre genres share common characteristics, although individual performances do not need to exhibit all such characteristics to be defined as physical theatre. These elements include: [1] Devised]] origins, rather than originated from Inter-disciplinary origins, spanning music, dance, visual art, etc. Encouraging audience participation, any interaction that occurs physically throughout the course of a performance. As such, contemporary theatre approaches including post-modern performance, devised performance, visual performance, post-dramatic performance, etc. Dance that is of a theatrical nature can also be problematic. A dance piece may be called "physical theatre" simply because it includes elements of spoken word, character, or narrative.

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Schedule and implement lectures, activities, and study guides. Facilitate discussion and assess learning of 80 college freshmen and sophomores. Create DesireToLearn online classroom activities. Schedule and implement lectures, activities, and study guides outlining skills for time management, study skills, and learning styles. Facilitate discussion and assess learning of college freshmen and sophomores. Facilitated workshops for voice, movement, acting, directing, designing, and tech skills.

Coordinated lessons with other Composition teachers to improve student learning and engagement. ENGL 9, Designed curricula and lessons for students age Selected texts, created performances and presentations to connect students to the material.

Facilitated literature circles and professional writing. Assessed understanding of reading, writing, and speaking skills, facilitate discussions, design online classroom tools. Coordinate rehearsals with third-year graduate actors. Facilitate design meetings with faculty designers. Scheduled build hours with cast and volunteers. Choreographed, taught Viewpoints, provided feedback, and coached acting with 12 new actors.

Comedy of Errors Seminary Park, Noblesville, IN, Summer Facilitated production meetings, maintained communication with the Noblesville Arts Commission, directed and led warm ups for rehearsals, recorded rehearsal reports, researched dramaturgy.

Designed and created props. Victoria Vanderbilt Bonderman Symposium, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Spring Arranged timing and cuts with the playwright — Valerie Work, cast actors from various high schools, facilitated rehearsals, read stage directions during the ten-minute stage reading The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet Noblesville High School, Noblesville, IN, Spring Advertised for and conducted auditions with 19 high school freshmen theatre students, cast roles, facilitated workshops for acting, scene, prop, and sound design, created schedules and design-need lists, directed cast and crew in rehearsals and production meetings.

Facilitated filming rehearsals for a short film to precede the performance. Forensic Team, Noblesville High School, Noblesville, IN, August June Led rehearsals, recruited members, directed monologues and dialogues, organized transportation to tournaments.

Created and maintained budget, organized fundraisers, hosted tournaments, maintained accurate records with the National Forensic League and Indiana High School Forensic Association.

Improv Coaching Comedy Sportz Actlete and Coach, Indianapolis, IN, November — Perform comedy improv scenes with a team of improv actors for audiences at Comedy Sportz arena, local businesses, and high schools. Attend weekly rehearsals and workshops for long-form improv, scene work, character development, and group dynamics. Facilitate rehearsals and workshops with high school students at Noblesville High School, plan and implement performances in Indianapolis and area high schools.

Presentation included current research from my own workshops and published data, classroom activities that combined writing skills with theatre objectives, and resources to find more materials. Presentations include current research and hands-on activities. Presentations included student samples, classroom data, and teacher testimonies.

Three speakers were chosen to represent the senior class. Presentation included my journey from humiliation to confidence. Research in progress. Revisions took place Fall for a second production in Macomb, IL. Revisions continue to take place Fall for a second production in Macomb, IL. Directed four performances of varying styles.

Organized an Improv show with four classes. Maintained productive rehearsals. Recorded and communicated blocking, design, and contact information with the cast, crew, and production team. Managed cast, crew, and orchestra and called cues for tech and dress rehearsals and performances.

Managed directors and designers, communicated with parents and supporters, and coached year olds in acting and costume design. SPECIAL SKILLS Dueling Arts International Beginning Combatant in Smallsword; Standard British, cockney, and Irish dialects; vocal training; 10 years violin; 8 years piano; 3 years guitar; 1 year ukulele; painting; lettering; sewing; puppetry; group dynamics; organization; early childhood and adolescent education; basic knowledge of sound equipment, lighting equipment, and set construction; proficient in Microsoft Excel, iMovie, QLab, QuickBooks, and social media; 5 years German language; 1 year French language; saying the alphabet backwards; and baking chocolate desserts.

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Besides, on our site you can read manuals and other art books online, either downloading their. We will to draw regard what our site not store the book itself, but we provide link to the site wherever you can download or read online. We will be happy if you will be back to us anew. Think Theatre has 1 available editions to buy at Alibris Think theatre - walmart.


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Is Theater Ridiculous? In the theater, sadism is pedagogy. Or so I felt after innocently wandering into several highly praised recent works that turn theater into the butt of satire or, in treating it too reverently, get it all wrong. And plays have long made fun of their own foibles. Theatrical satire is premised on the assumption that dramatic literature as performed by live actors is at least sometimes capable of creating larger human value. Though he now markets himself as a star-whisperer, the actual students at his storefront studio are laughably bad when they start and little better after his vague interventions. We are meant to understand that the hollow self-regard of the performative life is no preparation for the drama of creeping decrepitude.

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