Fenritaxe It is confident of victory. Macbeth wonders about the prophecy concerning Banquo czarowni and decides to get rid of a competitor. Lady Macbeth commits suicide. As a reward for it decides to appoint Duncan Macbeth tanem Kawdoru. Come to the castle Scottish gentlemen, Macduff and Lennox. This however does not fit on the proposal.

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The army approached the castle of Macbeth. His wife informs him about his plans to kill the king. This is difficult to estimate the number of soldiers. Macduff calls Macbeth to surrender.

The servant tells Lady Macbeth that in her castle at night stop near Duncan. Witches prepare a magical soup. As a reward for it decides to appoint Duncan Macbeth tanem Kawdoru.

Lennox talks with Lord of Macbeth. Macbeth goes there to prepare for the visit of the king. The gate leading to the palace in Forres. Duncan envoys, Rosse and Strwszczenie, Macbeth shall notify the decision of the king.

After a while, come back with information about the murder of Duncan. Macbeth comes, interesting on its future. Macbeth accidentally fixes his wife. Everyone welcome Malcolm as the new king of Scotland. After long hesitation Malcolm Macduff agrees to the proposal.

Men also say that Macduff in disgrace with the king, because he did not come to the feast. Macbeth reveals the spirit of Banquo. Macbeth and Banquo encounter three witches. Now, going to England to ask King Edward for help in the fight against Macbeth.

Macbeth prepares to fight. Lady Macbeth commits suicide. Macbeth comes to the castle. Powiatowa lady Makbet — Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia Malcolm invited streszdzenie the coronation, to be held in Skonie. The Palace at Forres Duncan. Macbeth leaves to make the crime. The King begins to behave strangely, the guests — Macbeth explaining the behavior of a disease — they want to leave the mwkbet.

The doctor says he can not help her. During the banquet, Macbeth is walking through the castle, reflecting on the plan proposed by his wife. Meeting on the way Lady Macbeth pushes aside any doubts of her husband. He suspects that the guilty sons persuaded their king. In Macbeth, this message atreszczenie not make a specific impression. Macduff wants a lonely battle with Macbeth.

The three witches agree, that after completion of the ongoing battle near future will disclose the fate of Macbeth. King confesses with their plans forward crown eldest son, Malkolmowi.

Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to joyful behavior during the upcoming feast. Macbeth they predict that the first will be tanem Kawdoru, later — the king. Indicates the execution of the plan — kill the sleeping king. The decision to inform the king Macbeth is one of the Scottish lords, Rosse. Most 10 Related.


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„Makbet” - streszczenie szczegółowe


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