Free Advantages Divya Godanti bhasm is a safe and effective natural remedy for controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Gypsum is used in minute quantity such that it produces therapeutic effects in body. Divya Godanti bhasm can be safely used for the treatment of various types of body disorders. Divya Godanti bhasm is a wonderful natural remedy that does not produce any side effects when used for a prolonged period of time. Godanti bhasm can be safely used by people of any age as it is natural and herbal.

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Incineration - Godanti Marana Purified plaques of Godanti are pounded and placed in between the earthen discs plates. After proper sealing, it is subjected to heat, by using cow dung cakes. It can be kept over the gas stove as it needs moderate heat — C for 1- 2 hour.

When it is cooled, white colour powder is collected. This triturated well and stored. If the bhasma has not attained the fineness, once again it is subjected to heat. Dosage General Dose: to mg Dose based on age:- 1 — 5 years - - mg, in divided doses per day.

Adults — mg - 1 gram in divided doses per day. It can be consumed along with ghee, honey milk or with sugar. Indications Godanti bhasma plays crucial role in Ayurvedic practice and it is useful in various health complications which are given below: It is very effective in chronic fever, typhoid fever.

It reduces headache and it is beneficial in migraine and trigeminal neuralgia. It is useful in leucorrhea and it reduces white discharge and inflammation of women reproductive organs. It is useful in Menorrhagia heavy bleeding during menstruation. It act as calcium supplement and helps in calcium deficiency disorders like osteoporosis, backache, and rickets.

It is used to treat gastric problems like gastric ulcers, diarrhea, dysentery and hyperacidity. It is also useful in burning sensation. Side Effects There are no side effects of Godanti bhasma for short term uses.

Its long term use may cause liver dysfunction. Contraindications Godanti Bhasma is contraindicated in liver disorders and hypercalcemia. Share On.


Godanti Bhasma

Other Indications Appearance It is found in white colour and appears like the teeth danta of the cow Go , when a stroke is given over the plaques of Gypsum. Its Chemical formula is CaSO4. Plaster of paris is a product prepared from it. Features of Good variety of Godanti Gypsum : The godanti found in shiny layers is expected for medicinal purpose.


Godanti (Harital) Bhasma 10 GM

Excessive uterine bleeding along with praval pisthi Fever after delivery Gingivitis Dental plaque Some herbalists and Chinese Physicians use Gypsum in the treatment of ulcerative colitis in form of gypsum ash, but we do not have beneficial results with it, so we have not included this indication here. Strengthens Bones. Useful in Leucorrhea. Its effects appear within 30 minutes to 2 hours in fever and headache. The main action of Godanti Bhasma is on brain, blood vessels and lungs. It is well known in ayurvedic world for the management of fever and infections.


Godanti Bhasma | Benefits | Side Effects | Dosage


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