It was in this recognition of Public Opinion as a major force that the Great War differed most essentially from all previous conflicts. The trial of strength was not only between massed bodies of armed men, but between opposed ideals, and moral verdicts took on all the value of military decisions. Other wars went no deeper than the physical aspects, but German Kultur raised issues that had to be fought out in the hearts and minds of people as well as on the actual firing-line. The condemnation of the world meant the destruction of morale and the surrender of that conviction of justice which is the very heart of courage.

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Malajind Main Content Similar Items How we advertised America; the first telling of the amazing story of the Committee on public information that carried the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe, By: Incompetence and corruption, bad enough in peace, took on an added menace when the nation was in arms.

Search Tips Phrase Searching Use quotes to search an exact phrase: Daniels gave me his ideas as to the subject-matter, naval experts checking from the Gleaves cable, and the statement was written then and there.

Follow the Author The one specific instance he cited was a pamphlet by a writer named Burt Etheridge Barlow. Michael Schein marked it as to-read Sep 12, This is a greater danger than printing scare stories. It is not a compilation of incident and opinion, but a record and a chronicle. About July 5th or 6th, Mr. We were in the middle of a great war, with civilization hanging in the balance, and here was the Senator from a great state without ability to make any other contribution to the national service than dreary maunderings.

Published January 10th by Kessinger Publishing first published That was pretty neat. The men standing before me, every one husky, amwrica, and within the military age, were holding down their peace-time jobs, while others sailed across the sea to offer their lives on the altar of American ideals.

Jonathan Eaker rated it it was amazing Jul 16, Information of the train or amegica schedules of traveling official missions in transit through the United States.

That the information contained in this wire was substantially as given in OpNav. I admit the indiscretion and regret it deeply. As a adverrtised of bitter fact, we had few direct news contacts of our own with the outside world, owing to a scheme of contracts that turned the foreign distribution of American news over to European agencies. Alexandru marked it as to-read May 21, The record stands unparalleled for honesty, accuracy, and high purpose, and in itself is an enduring testimonial to the sincerities of the thousands of men and women who made possible the accomplishments of the Committee.

Australia, India, Egypt, and the Balkans were also reached, completing the world chain. Its falsity can be proven. I remember a statement of Sir William Hamilton that there is nothing great in the world but man, and nothing great in man but mind.

I wrote a letter to Mr. It organized a bureau of information for all persons who sought direction in volunteer war-work, in acquiring knowl- edge of any administrative americ, or in approaching geirge dealings with the government. Others looked after the specialized needs of the labor press, the religious press, and the periodical press. This was included in the general slaughter, for not only was it the purpose of Congress to prevent any final audit, but also to keep the Committee from making a statement of achievement for the information of the public.

On June 27th, however, through some blunder in France, the As- sociated Press received a despatch announcing the arrival of the first group, and without reference to the War De- partment or to the Committee it put the news upon its wires from its New York office.

The trouble is that these men seldom figure in public print. On both occasions the U-boats were beaten off with every appearance of loss. Under the provisions of our Constitution a member of Congress cannot be held to account for any utterance on the floor of the Senate or House.

Suspicious enough by reason of natural anxieties, a censorship law would have turned every waiting heart over to the fear that news was being either strangled or minimized. This is the narrative version, anyway; those looking for a massive collection of data should instead consult the lengthy post-war report Creel prepared for his superiors These requests to the press are without larger authority than the necessities of the war-making branches.

How We Advertised America: They are not certain, though, which one it was, as the ships were not in line then and more or less scattered. TOP Related.


George Creel

His father came to Missouri from Parkersburg, Virginia and bought land in Osage County, Missouri ; he was college educated, and served in Virginia legislature. A captain of the Confederate States Army during the Civil War , he did not succeed in the Missouri post-war economy as a farmer and rancher. Even though he developed alcohol dependence, his wife did not abandon him until his death in She provided for her family by keeping a boarding house in Kansas City and by sewing and keeping a large garden in Odessa, Missouri. All her children became productive members of society: Wylie Creel, a businessman; George, a journalist and writer; and Richard, a doctor, who served as Assistant Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Service.


How We Advertised America






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