Section I - GameSalad Introduction 1. W ha t Is Ga meSala 2. Gett d? Game creation for everyone It means that you dont have to use complicated programming languages in order to make video games.

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Section I - GameSalad Introduction 1. W ha t Is Ga meSala 2. Gett d? Game creation for everyone It means that you dont have to use complicated programming languages in order to make video games. GameSalad is more visual. By using a drag-and-drop interface, game development becomes less tedious and more simplied. The creators of GameSalad set out with a mission to make game development more accessible and easier to understand.

From the rst few minutes of using GameSalad, you can see that the GameSalad team was successful. If you require proof of this claim, simply try to complete this Hello world tutorial. Click the Scene button, double-click the Initial Scene, and then click the plus icon to create a new actor.

Double-click the actor, and then drag the Display Text behavior into the Drag your behavior here area. If you want to be fancy, change the actors alpha color to zero. That will hide the white box. Its in the attributes listing, under Color. Click the back arrow to return to the Scene Editor - Initial Scene, and then drag the actor onto the scene.

Thats it. Youre done. GameSalad even typed the text for you, as Hello world is the default text for the Display Text behavior. Simply press the play button to see the Hello World text.

The true programming language is hidden from the user, and essentially English becomes the programming language. Its power comes from the graphical interface. This unique approach to game development gives GameSalad amazing speed and controllability. The software is simply easy to use. It was incredibly tedious and difcult for me. I hated having to bounce around from the different les in Xcode What is that nonsense?

Why should one have to endure such gibberish in order to make a good video game? With GameSalad, you dont have to struggle with Xcode. That is what makes GameSalad an excellent tool for beginners. Without the barrier of an arcane programming language, you simply get to master what really matters making great games. The previous image is a rough sketch of from one of my games.

I had this concept for a game in my head, but I lacked the ability to make my vision a reality. For years, I tried various game development tools to complete this project. I was unsuccessful. It was just too difcult. Having to stare at lines and lines of code just sucked the joy out of the project. Things were much different with GameSalad.

In about three weeks of working with the software, my game was ready for the app store. With GameSalad, I was able to turn my game idea into a reality. If youre reading this book, you probably have lots of ideas for games.

Thats what separates people from computers. We have ideas. Computers mindlessly follow instructions. Thats why I think GameSalad is a great tool. Its more about your ideas and your game content, rather than programming code. No, as there are limitations. Primarily, GameSalad is for the creation of two-dimensional games.

While this book contains some tricks to recreate a few 3D effects, trying to pushing GameSalad beyond 2D will likely lead to frustration.

GameSalad is better suited for projects that are similar to 8-bit and bit arcade games but with much better graphics. Thats ne with me. While I like rst-person shooters, and even racing games, playing a 3D game on a bus would likely give me motion sickness. After looking at the top selling games in the iTunes store mostly 2D games it seems that plenty of other people agree with me. Another limitation of GameSalad is a lack of customization. Since the main goal of the software is to hide programming languages from the user, you cant go beyond whats already included in GameSalad.

Even if youre familiar with coding, the software is not designed to accept modications. That restriction creates quite the paradox. While GameSalad simplies the process for making iPhone games, other tasks that should be simple are incredibly difcult or even impossible.

I often nd myself having to change my game just to workaround the limitations of GameSalad. By better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of GameSalad, you can more accurately create a game plan. If you think that youre going to be creating a fancy 3D world, with fancy 3D characters, GameSalad is simply not ready for that.

However, with modication of the game plan, you can still create a game thats fun. With that in mind, Im going to introduce you to someone. This is TANK, the main character for my online role-playing game. Hes a bit of a square right now, but he should become quite the hero. Throughout this book, TANK is going to grow. Hes the personication of GameSalad game development. At this stage, hes just an idea. With GameSalad, I didnt need more than that.

I just needed to simplify my plan a bit. Top-down means that the players perspective is from above the main character. What games will you make?

I think its important to have a goal. Im not going to sugar-coat it for you. There are days where game development is just frustrating and tedious. Without something that drives you an idea that you truly believe in it might be tough to get Section I - GameSalad Introduction 11 through the low points. Even with the ease of GameSalad, the software doesnt make the game for you. The idea is more important than the tool.

GameSalad is just that a tool, like Adobe Photoshop or a hammer. It is up to you to create something wonderful with it. Although, you have something that I didnt have when I was starting out this book! It is lled with many different game examples that can be created with GameSalad.

Web and Mac publishing is also possible. GameSalad uses a visual interface to hide programming code from the user. Essentially, English becomes the programming language.

GameSalad is primarily for creating 2D games. While the user-friendly approach to game development will allow developers to quickly and easily create games, GameSalad doesnt accept outside code. This will likely frustrate advanced users. TANK is the mascot for this book.

He will grow as more advanced topics are covered. Youve carefully weighed the strengths and weaknesses of GameSalad and youve decided that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Youre ready to get to work. But with the addition of Windows support, the software has become more accessible. Its the cheapest [new] Mac that you can get. Thats what I use for GameSalad development. Even though its low-end hardware, it runs GameSalad just ne. More RAM might not be a bad idea either.

If youre planning to make iPad games, a high-resolution monitor x or greater can help too. This is also where you can register for a GameSalad account.


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