He is indeed despicable who cannot look onwards to the ideal life of man. Not to do so is to deny our birthright of mind. I AM often asked, "Do you think the world is really becoming better? Always have men believed that they desired only the truth, and always have they sought and found it in part. But then they have immediately wrapped it in packages and stowed it in boxes with elaborate labels. Our nature craves reality, not wrappings and tables of contents.

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He has a clean, worth-while, humanity-helping proposition. His explanation was to this effect: "I have learned to use Psychic Demand to make my future ready for me as I catch up to it. Psychic Dem and enables me to have ready, on the road ahead of me, the things I want as I pass through this life. As the years roll by, I simply reach down and pick up what I have mentally demanded months and years before.

People laugh at the idea, I suppose. The current of events—the law of attraction—the very wealth-forces of nature are being commanded by my subconscious self to make REAL that picture, that demand for one million dollars. It will work just as surely up to the next level. In the following lesson Dr. Haddock goes into explanations of what this demand is, and how you can use it to make the future yield what you will-money, courage, power, health, self unfoldment, etc.

They sharpen your observation and study-powers to search for the places where the answers and corresponding instruction appears. They show you, briefly, the "meat" you may expect in each lesson. Lesson Thirteen. In what way can we influence the future through thought and action? What are seven Propositions covering the use of Psychic Demand upon the future? In using Psychic Demand do you concentrate upon one thing with the entire power of yourself?

What are the only limits to your health, prosperity, unfoldment and psychic power? How did Christ state the law of Psychic Demand? Does a clear understanding of Psychic Demand develop deep and brilliant courage to cope with the present and face the future? Do you live under the weight of possible accident or illness? Can you immediately adopt the methods that cure this fear? Why does foreboding on possible illness often actually bring it on? Why is the doctor valuable from a psychological standpoint?

Do you carry in mind the confident idea of a good old age, hale, hearty and happy? Is poverty a crime, and unnecessary? Why do people permit and stand for poverty in themselves? If you are haunted with the fear of poverty, what is the explanation? Does every man and woman in this world, in the long run, get about what he or she deserves?

Why is great individual wealth never really desirable? Does the Universe provide for all a career of happiness and full development? If you can create a wealthy Self to-day, could old age ever rob you of it? In what two misconceptions, lies the fear of failure? What is the only legitimate standard of individual success? What is the infallible method for winning friends? Should any human being ever permit himself to depend upon any other human being for happiness?

See how the wrestler writhes, twists, lunges, and stands! Thus far he wins. The other in turn gives him a hard battle. Now every feint and thru stand lightning shift He makes a new advantage, seized with wit and power. Is he defensive? Defense is wily war, Waiting to turn the airy chances. The enemy laughs—and, swift and sudden sequence! On the flash of deific thought, Goes down! In all events is merely a question of ability To hold the soul ready For opportunity born of the heat of contest, Whether you throw or are thrown.

Events are simple circum stances: They ring my soul in? I shift the centre without. To circumstances I adjust— alert and elusive, And ultimately swing them — one way, other way, some way. It is even so, I say. With poverty? Farm of the stalwart soul!

With friends fled? The man standing clear by him self! With position lost? Chance for a better place! With reputation assailed? Opportunity for sure vindication! With sickness? Time for rest—time to discover unknown forces— Time to gear in with the System Time to forge faith and the last arm of Courage!

With death? When the Courage-Man dies, he wins! This seeming common-place is like the sea for depth and vastness of suggestion. In projecting influence upon objects and persons, both in the present and in the future, we pursue two methods: The direct method of ordinary conduct, familiar to all; The indirect method affecting some universal medium so that it shall continue to work out natural sequences beyond the present.

Let us examine these methods in their order. This method by manipulation of present realities—persons, objects, and actions— modifies the relations of such realities and the reactions of the outcomes upon the person employing it. The sentence merely indicates the method of everyday life. We may compare the method to the complex activity involved in manipulating various objects and vessels floating on a sheet of water, where the now - effects would be due to present action on the Part of the manipulator, and the later effects to momentum and consequent interaction taking place among the objects, and final outcome reaction upon the person doing the work suggested.

On the "sea of life", of course, these "objects" and "vessels" are material things and human beings. The indirect method involves all the elements of the direct, but is indirect because it modifies, through this familiar influence, some universal medium underlying all life, or pervading all life, which medium always maintains its integrity and unity, yet is capable of modifications in the present that shall continue and develop character and complexity because of the nature of the medium and the natural interaction of the movements secured within it by such modifications.

We are thinking now, not alone on the surface of the human sea, but of the whole depth and body of it, which is more or less influenced by any movement taking place within or upon it. All that occurs on the surface influences in some way every part of its vastness, and the final effects are due not only to the direct-action of persons and objects on our human surface, but also to ultimate sequences of interaction of all the effects and effects of effects throughout the illimitable mass—so long as the original modifications identically continue.

Two such universal, permanent and unitary existences are present to our thought: the Universal Ether, and the Infinite Life or Reality. We proceed now to consideration of these media through which we may influence the future. The ether of space may be regarded as the matrix of all material and living forms. Mastery of Self For Wealth — Power — Success Page 4 If any one thinks that the ether, with all its massiveness and energy, has probably no psychical significance, I find myself unable to agree with him " Lodge.

When you strike a blow, have a thought, utter a word, put forth a volition, you set in motion the universal ether, that is, induce some sort of change therein, which change can be no other than a mode of motion, and the final outcomes of such movements depend, in the matter of reach and character, upon the degree and quality of the original force employed. Since we, the actors, remain, year after year, and continue on the changing scene both of matter, mind and ether , we see that the subsequent etheric movements must in time react upon ourselves.

This statement is evidently true on the surface of things in everyday life. We influence objects and persons, and are, therefore, correspondingly influenced ourselves by ultimate outcomes of the activities thus induced. Such a thought is perfectly familiar. But the ongoing and interacting movements, coming about by our own action and that of others, react upon us when we arrive into their midst, for good or for bad, in a similar way. All influences, which we inaugurate, and the outcomes of which react upon us, have their origin in the present.

Speaking generally, future etheric reaction upon us is what present etheric action determines. This proposition is so true that we may formulate practical demands on the future, in rational confidence, by so thinking now and so acting now as to insure logical coming sequences, which shall react upon us in a general way very much as we desire—and more and more, if we develop ability, as we particularly desire. We proceed, then, to an analysis of psychic demand.

Psychic demand may be analyzed into the factors of thought and action. In other words, it is ours to influence the future for good and welfare as follows: a By demand-thought which claims now-welfare more and more to realize in the future; b By such appropriate present activity, incessantly held, incessantly improving, as shall continuously create "channels" or "wires" along which the etheric Mastery of Self For Wealth — Power — Success Page 5 outcomes may realize in the desired responses to demands.

This realization or fulfillment of demand is more than outcome of practical ability or activity. The practical activity is indispensable, but the psychic demand is itself a compelling force, which multiplies the efficiency of activity many fold. Nevertheless, the demand responses can only come to you as you create "channels", or erect "wires", for their arrival, by activity of the best and completes the character possible in your case.

You cannot sit at ease and indolently wish good fortune with any assurance of influencing the universal medium of stellar spaces. On the other hand, scattering and nonenergetic activity has no power to stir the depths of the ether-world-sea and institute movements therein that shall hold on through the years and react in due time upon you according to your wish. The thought must be intelligent and concentrated, and the activity must be consistent, unwearied and confident.

But if your thinking and your acting harmonize and represent intelligence and concentration, consistency and unwearied confidence, it is law that you may expect fulfillment in welfare and goods of this two-fold demand, which you thus setup and maintain — according to the influencing power of your personality at any stage of your life. You cannot get out, of a machine more than its nature makes possible, though you can always get out of any machine less than its nature makes possible.

You have probably been getting out of yourself, the greatest machine, as man, less than your personality provides for. Moreover, you are a machine of life and psychic factor, capable of development indefinitely. Hence the encouragement that the limits of your ability to influence the future by psychic demand have probably never been reached, and that you may so improve the psychic and physical elements of your personality now, always now, that these limits may extend, more and more, through all the years of your career.

Psychic demand requires further definition by way both of inclusion and of exclusion. Let us observe: 1. Psychic demand must not be vague and indefinite.


Frank Channing Haddock - Psychic Demand

No matter how poor may be your ability in such respect, that growth remand absolutely certain if you put reasonable time and genuine effort into its acquisition. If you have abided with the book, patiently, confidently, energetically, taking plenty of time to work over into your practical life its teachings and directions, you have invoked that law, and, soon or late, you will find yourself a new soul and successful, provided you do not nullify the law by dropping out of your career the practical use of the lessons herein given. The demand must be intelligent and concentrated, and the activity must be unwearied, confident and consistent. Then we may say that such action of reason psychlc a benefactor to man. This book has tried to saturate you with the idea of success coordinating with its necessary elements, and has thus endeavored to swing your whole being into mighty belief that large success is also for YOU.





Psychic Demand


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