It covers the exact text of his public bequests, descriptions and references to those bequests, and their disposition, if known. The entries have the following format: Text of Bequest Explanation of item, disposition of item. References to item. And now, a word from Dunkelzahn.

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It covers the exact text of his public bequests, descriptions and references to those bequests, and their disposition, if known. The entries have the following format: Text of Bequest Explanation of item, disposition of item. References to item. And now, a word from Dunkelzahn. I Dunkelzahn Because the will consists mostly of short bequests to a broad variety of individuals, I have kept the file read-only in order to keep it from getting cluttered with a lot of babble.

Discussion of the will can be posted in the related SIG linked to this file. Once in that area, keep your posts related to the topic at hand or they will be nuked without mercy. This is your only warning. That, I suppose, is the nature of dragons, to acquire and accumulate physical representations of our long memories and pasts. We are sentimental creatures at heart; I have yet to know a dragon who can simply throw away anything possessing even the smallest amount of meaning to him.

To see to the Herculean task of administering my ridiculously vast estate and assure that my wishes are carried out, I authorize my executor, Nadja Daviar, to use what funds are necessary from the balance of my estate for the establishment of the Draco Foundation. This Foundation will have a Board of Trustees consisting of Ms. Daviar and six others to be appointed by her.

The trustees will oversee the administration of the Foundation and the execution of my last wishes as described in this will. I suppose it is necessary that I acknowledge how dramatically I have broken from the traditions of my race by arranging for my effects to be distributed according to my own instructions.

I will simply say that this is an eminently sensible idea I borrowed from humankind with the sole intention of avoiding the traditionally destructive events that almost always follow the death of one of our kind.

I hereby warn my fellow dragons against contesting this document in the usual way, for doing so will reflect poorly on our reputations in this Awakened age. My understanding is that most humans use their wills as instruments of encouragement and revenge, and it seemed like an excellent idea. If I appear to have missed the mark, then please view my efforts charitably, and keep in mind that I take the very long view of things.

In addition to designating specific recipients for the many things I have accumulated that will serve a better purpose in other hands, I have made bequests that I hope will foster the development of some of my favorite metahuman characteristics.

I have always wished to aid metahumanity in its quest for knowledge, but have been reminded by a friend that I should not deny them the joy of discovery in doing so.

Therefore, I have committed certain assets to encourage the most noble endeavor of the human intellect. I have found in my long life that truth is quite often a matter of opinion, and that it is possible for many truths to be held by many people at the same time without one truth being necessarily greater than another. It is my wish to advance the cause of truth in the world only as much as I can advance understanding.

The concept that all beings are equal in the eyes of the Universe, regardless of their appearance or origins, without concern for their beliefs, goes against millennia of human history in which slavery, torture and murder were the order of the day for those where did not conform to the will of the State. More amazing still is that a nation founded upon such a radical principle was able to survive and prosper. Thereforce, I have committed certain assets to honor the revolutionary dream that sparked a vision of a world where justice prevailed for all.

To Nadja Daviar, my faithful translator and assistant, keeper of my hopes and dreams for the future, who spoke for me to millions around the world, I leave the bulk of my estate, save for those items named in this will. I name Nadja Daviar the executor of my estate and Chairman of the Draco Foundation, in which capacity she will appoint a board of trustees to oversee the execution of this will in accordance with my wishes.

Nadja Daviar was born in Estonia in , and spent most of her formative years in an orphanage. Daviar next appeared in Prague in , with a comfortable level of wealth source unknown , which allowed her to socialize and travel throughout Europe. In , Dunkelzahn and Daviar met at an art show in Paris, a meeting which quickly set the stage for Daviar becoming DUnkelzahn;s translator and "voice" on his trid show "Wyrm Talk. Davier dissapeared during the Coup in To Akira Kageyama, I leave my Vancouver condoplex and the monies in the trust fund established in his name.

Akira Kageyama is the son of a Japanese pop singer who claimed to have been impregnated by a dragon. Akira does possess certain unusual attributes which may lend credence to this. He also received the Fourth Coin of Luck as a secret bequest. The condoplex is indeed under the sea, and made entirely of glass. Kelvin, the master craftsman who made the glass for the condoplex, became a master mage after the Awakening and combined his skills. They say he managed to fuse his essence with the glass, living on in the walls of the crystal palace in astral form.

I believe it was called Speedy Pop, or Quick Pop, or something similar. The patent holder must use this money to renew the patent and resume production. To those unfamiliar with the concept, you can go out and buy these little pans full of corn kernels that you hold over an open flame or for some people, a stove top and watch it pop. The goals of the ASPS are as follows: to monitor potential abuses of astral space and its denizens; to protect the rights of denizens of astral space; to establish a set of parameters that will facilitate a working relationship between spirits and metahumanity; and finally, to create a sanctuary in astral space for beings in search of a safe retreat.

It needs be said, that some of the goals, such as a sanctuary in astral space for safe retreat, of the ASPS would be very valuable when the Horrors come again. As of , the society is headed by a Balinese anima called Ibu Air, and are widely believed to have created one or more astral sanctuaries; although the exact location is unknown. The uses of advanced optics are many. The fovae in Aztlan are spots of basically no mana, possibly similiar to mana warp areas, which have been suggested by some to be side-effects of the pervasive blood magic used in that country.

The "tragedy in Chicago" refers both to the massive infestation of insect spirits, the small tactical nuclear weapon used to destroy the main hive, and the subsequent creation of the Containment Zone. There are nine tokens throughout the Will, each of which go to someone who voted for one of the particular candidates by mailing in the card to FASA.

The winners got lots of cool stuff, including a signed stock certificate for one share in a given SR company, such as the Atlantean Foundation or Saeder-Krupp Mike Mulvihill signed it as Lowfyr!

This fund will offer scholarships to students in scientific and technological fields, and will be administered by a board of trustees appointed by the Draco Foundation.

There might be a message there. This disclosure must be supervised by the Draco Foundation in accordance with my instructions.

Speratemel rel timaan perest? Hellon Sperethiel. A translation of the Sperethiel means "Communication is for all to have. Share the language. The First Key of Power is a magical artifact of some potency, both Tirs have offerred substantial compensation for its recovery. Please see the Artifact Index for more speculation. May its shade cool the heat of your desert home as well as the tempers that flare around it.

Aden is possessed of a fierce temper, and was disinclined to accept this item, both due to its nature and because of how Dunkelzahn flouted draconic culture with this Will. The Shroud became a piece of contest in the Rite of SUccession. Lone Star and Knight Errant are the two main, and ferociously competitive, security forces in North America. This bequest is likely to increase that rivalry while possibly helping innocent bystanders, so Dunkelzahn may well have been playing more than one game here.

Knight Errant, it should be remembered, is owned by Ares Macrotechnology, and is the personal baby of Damien Knight. Given their history, this may be another chess move between the Dragon and the Knight. This organization, headed by a board to be appointed by my executor, will advance the cause of equal rights for all peoples, regardless of physical appearance, beliefs or origin.

Timmons was assassinated by a head-shot in while in the presence of Dunkelzahn, who promptly reduced the gunman to his component atoms in a particularly fiery display. Rumors say Timmons was ready to break with the dragon and reveal all. Dunkelzahn apparently specified Anne Pennchyk, a female ork and running mate to General Franklin Yeats, to head up the Memorial Fund, a position she accepted.

NewsNet being a major news broadcaster. So I leave 3 million nuyen to be donated in your name to the charity of your choice.

Lorelai Angel is a Phoinex shaman and a rocker, one of those rare few magicians who focus on music. She highlights her show with illusions. Magicians really dig checking out musicians on the astral, especially if the musician has a touch of Talent themselves. It is assumed the management team was filled, certainly Ehran the Scribe took his place.

The oddball is the mysterious Lagenzell Institute. Ehran the Scribe earned himself a few enemies taking this position, as few of his fellow elves like to see him dealing with wyrms. The DIMR has begun a number of archeological digs and research projects, with subjects including the Voids in Chicago and the archaelogical digs in Latvia were imps were first reported.

Despite having a member on the management team, the individual consituents, such the Atlantean Foundation, tend to fight tooth and nail with the DIMR over choice finds. Yakashima Technologies is an AA Japanacorp focusing on hostile takeovers, with a decided anti-metahuman, pro-unAwakened Japanese human bias.

Universal Omnitech in Seattle was also researching a synthetic flesh for ghouls. The Rose Crystal is an artifact of particular signifigance to Immortal Elves, and perhaps Aithne in particular, who still bears mental scars regarding the Blood Wood.

When the Cermak Blast happpened in Chicago and the Containment Zone was formed, a number of people were trapped inside with the insect spirits. The signifigance of these individuals is unknown. Assets Inc. The Ubehebe Crater, however, is a particularly inhospitable location in the Mojave, combining lack of water and food with exceptional heat during the day, freezing cold at night, and constant spirit activity.

Alamaise was rumored to be dead for a few years at the time Dunkelzahn died, the result of being hit with military-grade laser weapons. You may keep the bones, or turn them over to the Draco Foundation for a reward. All discoveries must be independently verified as dragon bones, such identification to be made by any living dragon.

The Draco Foundation will assemble all pieces of the skeleton it receives and display the result in the Smithsonian Institution for the edification of the general public. In any event, the coordinates have been plotted on a GPS, giving approximate locations. Nevada or Arizona maybe. The H. Buhne Building is an historic waterfront structure in California, which would have been just over a hundred and fifty years old in To any and all persons capable of discovering "where a Rock meets the Sky," the 2 million nuyen, amulets and weapons at that place are yours for the keeping provided that you accomplish the task described in the enclosed datachips within 1 year of my demise.

The anime will accompany you to make sure the job is done properly.


Source:Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets

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