Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Since the summer of , CrimethInc. Typically featuring the performances of traveling theatrical troupes, musicians, direct-action and mutual-aid workshops from individual participants, the few-days-long camping trips have attracted coverage in newspaper articles, [21] initiated multiple Reclaim the Streets actions, mobilized large Critical Mass events, and catalyzed many other activities. There has been a pattern of promoting convergences as festivals, reminiscent of barnstorming flying circuses and travelling sideshows. Grimy and feral-looking, the CrimethInc kids squatted in small groups around a clearing Every year a different set of policy requests is released from locals in the field, typically encouraging a sober, consensus-based space in which no financial transactions are made. The one firm rule has been "No police informants," a regulation which has been ignored by the FBI.

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Jan 26, Andrew rated it it was ok The first time I read this book was years and years ago. It passed me in the library and I was curious to see how I might think of it now.

Far less now than before. The authors, by all means, seem very serious about practical well, so to speak changes both personal and beyond. However, this is truly a very hypocritical book. The anti-Christian rhetoric is piled on thick and narrow-sighted one of the authors suspiciously claims to be Sufi too? The call for co-operative, mutual economy is likewise tarnished by boast after boast of how they or others "cheated the system.

In short, a book that asks a lot of good questions, and offers a lot of dumb answers. It thought it was cute. I mean, I thought it was juvenile in that it was written as though it was intended to show high school kids that there were better ways to rebel against society than to emulate Marilyn Manson.

It is ironic that many of the people In the Spring of , all the college age anarchists acted like this was THE book that was going to herald anarchism into the 21st Century. It is ironic that many of the people that hate this book, and CrimethInc in general, are those who were trying to live the very lifestyle it promoted.

Most critics seemed to ignore the fact that the book is CrimethInc for beginners. And not even Anarchism for Beginners. Another interesting thing about the critics of this book is that I watched these same people over the years and most of them have given up and given into the society they once protested.

Classic Anarchism is fine for some one who is fortunate enough to get a college education, and has the time to debate the revolution over beer. I mean, really, what young Americans raised by working class families, the poor, and minorities care about what it was like in 19th Century Russia?

For beginners in any kind of subversive counterculture, you got to start with something. It would be great if there were other books with the seal of approval from the cliques of the anarchist elite that are available for people other than the followers of the cliques of the anarchist elite. So, the book is not that great and I am often annoyed by self-described CrimethInc kids, but very few of those college students have any thing better to offer people like me, who was raised by a poor single parent of color.


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