Gardacage Projects will be assigned to the students. Wave energy converter, OWC. Experiments with an axial fan. ET Axial steam turbine. ET Wind power drive train. Experiments with an axial turbine.

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The goal of the lecture is to present the principles of the energy conversion for conventional and renewable energy resources and to explain the most important parameters that define the energy conversion efficiency, resources implications and economics of the energy conversion technologies. The semester project is designed to hyvrauliques the students in the solution of specific engineering problems.

By the end of the course, the student must be able to: Nuclear Safety 2nd sem. Relativistic wave functions are analysed and applied for massive and massless particles. Nussbaum, Wiley, 3. The first semester takes place in Lausanne. Batteries, compressed air, pumped hydro, thermal storage — Integrated urban systems. Radiation detection and measurement, Glenn F.

Catalog Record: Machines hydrauliques Hathi Trust Digital Library The system technology of the most important thermal and fast reactor types is introduced. The course presents basic physics ideas underlying the workings of turbomschines accelerators.

Symmetry and conservation, lorentz invariance and spin and statistics. Flyvbjerg, Oxford University Press, The course will highlight the above needs from different points of view.

Students will be well acquainted with analytical and modeling methodologies for damage assessment and residual life determination hydrauliqjes with the behavior of high burnup fuel. Experimental methods for the control and analysis of nuclear components and materials in operating NPPs will be presented.

The behaviour of materials in nuclear reactors determines the reliability turbomachiines safety of nuclear power plants NPPs. Only for Nuclear Enginering MSc.

The course includes presentations, lecture notes, problem sets and seminars. Present the basic and common notions needed for describing atomic, nuclear and elementary particle physics. The elective project has the purpose to train the students in the solution hyydrauliques specific engineering problems related to nuclear technology. Explain the use of radiation in industrial and research applications.

In this course, one acquires an understanding of the basic neutronics interactions occurring in a nuclear fission reactor and, as such, the conditions for establishing and controlling a nuclear chain reaction.

An introductory course courrs the basic concepts of radiation detection and interactions and energy deposition by ionizing radiation in matter, radioisotope production and its applications in medicine, industry and research. Tritium production 13 Licensing a fusion reactor: Different means of control.

For each chapters the theoretical basis are first established and then practical solutions are discussed with turblmachines help of recent design examples. Mastering the scientific design of a hydraulic machine, pump and turbine, by using the most advanced engineering design tools. Explain the principles of radiation dosimetry.

No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. We will examine key features and limitations cour these machines as used in accelerator driven sciences like high energy physics, materials and life sciences. Legal framework, project management and operations methods and tools, cost estimation approaches and methods, nuclear calculations and on-site radiological characterization and inventorying, state-of-the-art technologies for decontamination and dismantling, safety considerations, state-of-the-art practice for radioactive waste treatment, packaging and transport, interface with radioactive waste management and disposal.

The focus is not only on risk and dose to the patient and staff, but also on an objective description hydeauliques the image quality. TOP Related Posts.


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