Cosmic Ordering Get Whatever You Want - Start Here Cosmic Ordering harnesses the power of positive thinking and the creative energy of our thoughts to manifest whatever we desire. There are no limits, you can ask for anything, a new love or a new house, money or wealth, health or healing The only demand is that you be positive, be open and be at ease, requesting your cosmic order without worry or attachment to the outcome. Go to the Submit Your Order page and just ask for what you want. It is free and it is fun!

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Because, you know, the universe cares about you. Forget that on a universal scale you are indistinguishable from the bacteria that live inside your gut: the universe cares about what you want and will help you get it. The chapter on how this works is very imprecise.

How that relates to the universe getting you the boyfriend you want is not clear. Who sent you the cosmic boyfriend parcel? Who received your boyfriend order? All this great mail order god requires is that you order more, more, more! Why should religion be a chore? The sources are laughable - for example entire pages of those notes are reproduced from three books by someone who wrote a letter to his god asking lots of questions and then found that - oooh!

Like I said, laughable! Her mention of Uri Geller is also delectably stupid. She begins by saying that she thought his spoon-bending was an optical illusion, then says that her friends corrected her. Aha, I thought, finally a bit of sense in this most daft of books, but no: her friends informed her that he simply persuades the atoms of the spoon to disperse with the power of his mind.

Good grief! You would think that having written a book about one crazy idea, the author would stick to that one thing, rather than chucking in more foolishness, but of course not: cosmic ordering can also help you to contact the dead. She tells us sagely that there is "increasing evidence" for the existence of a spirit world - oddly she neglects to provide any footnotes pointing us in the direction of this evidence.

No one has claimed that money. So we must conclude that anyone who openly claims to be a psychic, medium etc is a fraud. In particular, scientific language does not make a science; bold statements do not make claims true; rumours do not equal reality; and, especially, after-the-fact reasoning and coincidence. This book will appeal to the slow-witted, the extremely gullible, and anyone who wants to be told, you will get everything you want, all you have to do is hope - and buy this ridiculous book.


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