Sewing machine oil Screwdriver Consew is not as well-known as other brands of sewing machines, but the company manufactures sewing machines and quilting machines. There are many advantages to these machines as they feature a safety clutch, the ability to sew well on lightweight and heavy materials and it is possible to change the bobbin without removing it from the machine. Most of the problems that occur with the machine are due to improper threading, not enough lubrication to moving parts or improper thread tension. Check that the machine has sufficient oil at the necessary spots.

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Consew rb-1 for parts or restore industrial walking foot sewing machine Consew rb-1 for parts or restore industrial walking foot sewing machine rb For parts or restore not working. The hand wheel spins and things go up and down. Assume Parts are missing. Purchased at local thift store this has been on the shelf just sitting. And I will use the new sewing machine term I found internet. For parts or restoration.

No returns. No reserve. Local pickup ok. But must be prepaid. The machine had a sticker on it that said Consew rb-1 but it has fallen off somewhere. All extra parts shown in the picture are believed to go with this machine. But I have no idea, they might not, you will get them anyways.

I picked this up at a thrift store, then a friend informed it it was the head only and I needed a table for dollars so off to ebay it goes, I also read online about shipping sewing machines. The machine will be heavily padded and secured for shipping, as I have read online.

Many do but please check with your local postmaster Questions. Yes please ask. On Feb at PST. If you have any questions please contact me through e-bay mail. Heavy Duty. Ideal for sewing medium to heavy weight materials: leather.

Canvas, vinyl and heavy upholstery fabrics. It may need to be fixed. EBAY posted the erroneous product description. Very complete and tight. No mechanical plays of any kind. Cosmetically super. Has been washed. Air cleaned, lubricated and run at top recommended speed with 69 bonded nylon and is set to use needles x Performs perfect all around.

All the mechanisms work perfectly. No skips or thread breakage. NEW throat plate. NEW feed dog. NEW presser feet. NEW tension bracket. White thread in the needle and black in the bobbin has been used to show the balanced stitch. This sale is for the sewing machine head ONLY. Serviced and lubricated.

Questionable parts and screws has been replaced. Cosmetically excelent. Very tight. No plays of any kind. Has been cleaned, lubricated and timed properly.

Ready to sew. Tested at full speed. Nylon bonded 69 thread used Sample left under the presser feet. Spare bobbins and needles included. Also a parts book. I cannot help the cost of shipping.

Weights well over 80 lbs. Made in Japan, in very good working condition, serviced,tested and sewn off. Has many new parts. New tension assembly, bobbin case,slide plate,upper thread guide and new presser feet. This auction for head only. Table,stand and motor NOT included. Single needle lockstitch machine with large horizontal loaded bobbin. This is a compound feed needle feed and walking foot unison feed industrial sewing machine with reverse stitching.

Vinyl, upholstery work. Horizontal loaded large M bobbin machine with Reverse. Complete unit with table and volt motor. Machine has been sewn on and is stitched to material in photo. Quality Japanese made machine. One of the BEST walking feet machines made. Machine is in very good mechanical condition. Shipping will be by commercial freight carrier of your choice and expense.

We will secure the machine to a pallet and cover to protect the machine during shipping at no charge. Prepaid business It was too difficult for the person that thought they would learn to do upholstery. It has a very nice table with measurements on it. We are not sure of the appropriate price so we can negotiate after we hear from some people to establish a range.

Delivery negotiation is possible perhaps- we can discuss. Call me at I know nothing about sewing or the machine but will tell you so personally. This one has but a minor loss of paint on the front edge of the head base and the screws look new. Adjusted it to the nylon thread on hand and oiled all parts including the self oiling reserve visible in the under carriage photo.

This is a very clean and great working Consew RB The table and motor is now dismantled and ready for shipping and is also in excellent condition.

This machine is ready for easy assembly and will offer many years of great service. You do have the option to pick up the machine in Southern New Hampshire.

If you intend to The price will not be higher. I use FedEx Ground to send all domestic shipments. I have no intention to make money on the freight but need to cover real cost. If you want to know the exact freight cost that will be charged. Please send a message including your zip code. This fine quality large bobbin machine was made in Japan. They do the same work with the major differences being the way you make the stitch adjustment and the way the reverse lever functions.

The machine is complete with bobbin casing, 4 extra large bobbins and enough leather needles to last many projects. From the estate of a seamstress who worked from home. The machine works fine. Unfortunately I do not have a motor for testing: As you can see. The machine turns freely by hand, and the controls are operating normally. Machine was in use recently in a home workshop.

Includes bobbin and the needle as you see pictured. Sale is for"head" only, just what you see pictured. Please scroll down to see many close-up photos of this machine. I stand behind what I sell. So sure it will work fine that I will pay for return shipping if not.


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