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Daizshura J Clin Microbiol ;41 5: Inoculate bottle with sample 3. J Clin Microbiol ;41 5: Reports can be generated based upon data entered into customizable fields or instrument-generated data. Like us on Facebook. Our space-saving design has been optimized still further. Real-time monitoring during the production process yields valuable, alertt information for faster informed decisions.

Occult bacteremia from a pediatric emergency department: You are here Home. Specifications Height 24 inches 60 cm Width bionerieux Skip to main content. Surprisingly compact, remarkably complete. They are also lightweight to reduce the cost of disposal and shipping. Controlled clinical laboratory comparison of two supplemented aerobic and anaerobic media in automated blood culture systems to detect bloodstream infections. Shortened time to detection also empowers you to take corrective action and gracefully recover from contamination events.

Five customizable data fields can be used to add patient demographics or culture information. System operating and storage humidity range: Modularity affords you the flexibility to add up to six incubator modules to a single controller module so the system can adapt and allert with you. In fact, the bottle-handling process is as easy as with the three-step bottle loading process of Touch, Scan, Load:.

J Clin Microbiol ; 40 Now, even the smallest laboratories can get the highest-quality microbiology test results on-site. Signature is an ideal choice for demanding environments where site-specific operating modes and customized data manipulation and reporting are necessities. Unique colorimetric technology outshines other technology by reducing false negatives due to delayed bottle entry. Triple-layer bottle design ensures appropriate environment for reliable recovery of microorganisms. Skip to main content.

FAN Plus Media vs. Mycobacteria, Yeast and Fungi: J Clin Microbiol ; 43 4Pediatric: Bilophila wadsworthia bacteremia in a patient with gangrenous appendicitis. Follow us on Twitter. Once growth is detected, the system alarms both audibly and visually and the sample data is recorded. Discover our Youtube channel. Download brochure Add to my selection For More Information.

This option is perfect for laboratories that rely on their LIS for most of their reporting needs. Mycobacteria, Yeast and Fungi: Related Articles


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