How Did This Happen? An emergency staff meeting was called to rectify the situation. Finally, the lead designer hesitantly stepped forward and asked, "Sir, we should make what, exactly, bigger? The game was never designed to accommodate such large forces

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How Did This Happen? An emergency staff meeting was called to rectify the situation. Finally, the lead designer hesitantly stepped forward and asked, "Sir, we should make what, exactly, bigger? The game was never designed to accommodate such large forces And so it was that amid much feasting and sacrifices to their dark gods , Games Workshop laid the foundations for what would become Apocalypse.

No but really Apocalypse is basically the result of people already owning a metric fuck ton of models and who started thinking that maybe there was more in life than that. Now you can play with as many minis as you can fit on the table and the other three tables you set up next to it. Winning largely revolves around spending the most on bullshit broken stuff. Your opponents have too many vehicles?

Go buy yourself shit with destroyer weapons on it. They bring a titan? You go buy a Manta. So yeah. This is what happens when you have too much money and have nothing in your life except 40k. Fuck, at least Magic players go meet new people. To fix this, they came up with a new supplement for 40k proper called Escalation that allows you to use a Lord of War Super-Heavies and Gargantuan Creatures in your Force Organization chart, complete with Strength D weaponry.

So now you can have a Baneblade in your points game, like an asshole. Though forums and 40k blog websites gradually debunked this attitude by showing that tournament goers were not immediately swamped by players arriving with waves upon waves of unbeatable superheavy deathstars, nor were the new Lords of War absolutely essential in winning or losing games, and in many cases were seen as point sinks and giant "shoot-me" targets in reasonably sized games vs well designed and balanced armies.

They also nerfed the rules for Destroyer weapons too, while still causing multiple wounds as before, they do allow saves as determined by the AP of the weapon usually AP1 or AP2 anyway unless you roll a 6 while determining results, in which case your models are screwed.

Apocalypse is still very much a thing, despite the incorporation of many of its rules into the core rulebook. High Command Formations are single units usually containing several independent characters, granting you additional strategic assets as the game continues in addition to whatever rules they grant you.

Psychic Choirs - something that GW needs to develop further; whole squads of psykers that may combine their warp charges into single, larger psychic powers.

Though 7th Edition 40k creates a pool of warp charges anyway, this grants you access to some really big spells. GW is still promoting Apocalyse through its own supplements, focusing on specific battles between races, granting new Finest Hour abilities, Formations and Strategic Assets for each participant.

Warzone Armageddon - Part of the Apocalypse book. Except Sisters of Battle, because GW hates them. Pandorax is even got an entire Horus Heresy novel to be its prequel! Forgeworld have updated their Imperial Armour codices for 8th edition and they remain officially sanctioned supplements by Games Workshop. Apocalypse Specialist Game [ edit ] Apocalypse has been announced as its own Specialist Game once more, available in July Using standard 28mm scale models and movement trays, the system also seems to use d12s, markers, and cards.

The announcement video for the new system can be found here. Whoever has the highest Ld in a Detachment is the Commander of the Detachment, and units too far away from the Commander risk being routed. The turn structure is made up of Phases. Each player participates in each Phase before moving to the next. Armies use Alternating Activation by Detachment.

The phases are set up like so: Initiative Phase: Players determine who has initiative for the turn. Action Phase: Moving, shooting, and assault all happens here. Damage Phase: Resolve damage and morale for units. All models within a unit must end their turn within half an inch of another model in the unit, hence the movement trays. Stats are heavily altered. Strength and Toughness are no longer inherent to the model, and damage along with saves is calculated differently as described further below.

The Attacks stat now seems to govern the number of times a unit can shoot as well as the number of times it can make melee attacks as opposed to 40k where the number of times a unit can shoot is based on their weapon.

Weapons now have two Strength scores, one for use against infantry and another for use against vehicles and other larger units; wounding is determined by rolling against a d12, with the target score equal to the corresponding Strength equivalent. This speeds up the process of figuring out whether or not a hit unit has been wounded, and also makes AP obsolete as a stat.

However, it also appears that many anti-vehicle weapons will have an equally bad chance at wounding infantry, so armies will need to find a balance between anti-infantry and anti-vehicle firepower. Blast markers track units that have been wounded; if a unit that has received a small blast marker is wounded again in the same action phase, it becomes a large blast marker every odd-numbered wound after that applies a new small blast marker in the same manner, and every even-numbered wound upgrades the marker.

Units that fail a save take damage markers, and a unit is destroyed if its damage markers are at least equal to their wound count. Consequently, save numbers for most units have been adjusted for the new system E.

Units which have a number of damage markers greater than half their wounds count are considered "critically damaged" and have their Attacks stat cut in half.

Command Assets return, and act as a combination of Stratagems and psychic powers. You set up a deck of 30 before the game begins and draw one card per Order Phase plus an extra card for each Warlord present in your army up to a maximum of These can be universal or specific to certain factions and sub-factions. Find a place big enough to play. Abandoned warehouses work well however can be a bit of a squeeze. Deploy forces and experience the undiluted bullshit that is Apocalypse "balance".

Come back for at least 3 days to finish a small apocalypse game. GW Profits Alternatively, get some Epic scale mm models and play Tiny Apocalypse using half range for rough balancing. These can be found at third party companies, or if you know someone who owns a 3D printer. Adeptus Titanicus titans are great for these kinds of games.


Damocles Gulf

The initial contacts ranged from friendly negotiations and trade to outright hostility. It was some time before the Tau Water Caste diplomats understood the fact that the humans they had encountered were merely the forgotten outcasts of an incomprehensibly vast interstellar empire that stretched across the entirety of the Milky Way Galaxy. Though many of the more passionate leaders of the Tau Fire Caste called for a war of conquest against the Imperium, the Ethereals issued their instructions for the integration of the Imperium of Man into the Tau Empire. The Water Caste were to align themselves with nearby dissident human factions and over the course of several decades of patient negotiations insinuate themselves into the courts of several dozen Imperial Commanders Planetary Governors. Alien goods and technology flowed through the markets of these border worlds in blatant contradiction of the laws of the Imperium.





Apocalypse Warzone: Damocles



Damocles Gulf Crusade


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