This self-healing program relieves insomnia by counteracting the stress that accumulates in the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. These 22 lectures present a unique and extraordinary opportunity, bringing a diverse group of renowned specialists together in one place for the first time to share their own personal experiences and their latest research, and to guide you through several mindfulness exercises. In Stress Relief, Michael Reed Gach gives listeners techniques to nourish the kidneys and counteract stress. Learn self-acupressure, deep breathing exercises, and gentle stretches to feel more relaxed and enhance the quality of your life in as little as just five minutes a day.

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Acu-Yoga: Self Healing Hypertension Hypertension, the technical term for high blood pressure, can be caused by dietary imbalances or emotional stress. Various extremes or excesses of these factors can cause or contribute to hypertension.

Dietary Issues Regarding dietary factors, there are tension-producing foods and tension-releasing foods. Eating a lot of salt, for example, has been shown to be directly related to high blood pressure. It hardens and constricts the arteries, impeding the blood flow. Thus, the heart must pump harder to circulate the blood through the restricted vessels.

Salt tends to stiffen the muscles, creating muscular tensions which also hamper the blood flow. Meat, which contains both salt and animal fats, contributes to hypertension. Since virtually all packaged, canned, and processed foods contain salt or white sugar often both!

These should be replaced by fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and various other natural foods. Emotional Aspects When people are under a lot of pressure, either from internal or external conflicts, they get charged up for action.

This is a normal physiological response that provides us with extra energy to handle a situation by automatically shifting our metabolism into a higher gear. Since a state of high blood pressure is one element in the shift, it can become a chronic problem if we are constantly under a lot of stress, especially if we have difficulty letting go of these pressures. Hypertension is a symptom, a manifestation of imbalances in the body. Whether dietary or emotional factors predominate, we must look deeply into ourselves and our lives, going beyond symptoms and looking for causes.

Hypertension can never be completely eliminated until the underlying cause is handled. Holistic health involves looking at ourselves as integrated wholes, and looking beyond symptoms for underlying causes, imbalances, and patterns of weakness.

In order to achieve radiant health, you must take responsibility to change whatever aspect of your life is causing your imbalances.

This can involve changes in your diet, exercise, or work habits. It can mean getting individual help from practitioners of Holistic Health methods. It also requires you to work on yourself, through self-help methods such as meditation and Acu-Yoga. The following story illustrates all of these aspects of hypertension from a holistic perspective. I used to give Acupressure sessions to a successful and wealthy man who had a bad case of high blood pressure. One time, he relaxed so deeply that he fell asleep for a few minutes, so that his session ended a little later than usual.

The Acupressure session had lowered his blood pressure, but I was sure that it had soared back up again from all his rushing around. The next time I spoke with him, I was surprised to hear that his doctor said that he had had a normal blood pressure reading for the first time in years.

Blood pressure is one of the few medical tests that I had access to that could measure the benefits of Acupressure. After the one-hour session, it had dropped 38 mm to mm. His hypertension actually vanished as soon as he stopped drinking. Press your shoulders back so that your shoulder blades are pushed together. Inhale, raise your shoulders up toward your ears, and let your head drop back. Straighten your arms and lift them away from your buttocks.

Exhale, and come to the resting position, as in Step 1. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 five times. Work up to repeating the exercise for one minute. Let go of your arms and relax. Lightly shake your shoulders. Remind yourself to breathe slightly deeper than you usually breathe throughout the day.


Acu-Yoga: Self Healing



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