Rushdie and those who have followed him have enriched English literature by reinventing India in the confident cadences of English prose. Through their writing, they have colonized the literary world of their colonizers. These new Indian writers have dipped into a deep well of memory and experience far removed from that of their fellow novelists working in English. Of course Americans, Englishmen and Australians have, at different times, set their fictions in distant lands, but Indians write of India without exoticism, their insights undimmed by the dislocations of foreignness.

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Start your review of Love and Longing in Bombay Write a review Shelves: 4-star , reviewed , 1-read-on-hand , person-of-everything , r-goodreads , r , antidote-think-twice-read , antidote-think-twice-all 4. Nationalism in one and hoards of what I take to be Hindi with no sign of footnotes in the other.

The adult returning to whence their childhood once ran from. The Great Gatsby. The Noir. The Story. One moment and a whole city gone.

Her hair was white, and she was wearing white, and she had a strong nose and direct eyes. The engineer looked up at her, a glass of milk in his left hand. Amma took two steps forward. The epistemology of what is accepted as sacred and what is requisitioned as fodder. Ten pages without a bump is swell, fifty is a good sign, but an entire work where Others are not an ideal for use but a characteristic of reality is something I will always latch onto tooth and nail. The sake of the new. Simply put, I like the real beyond the facts and the statistics and the little Bombay dot on a googled geography map.

He knew there was a problem, but of course he had the essential belief that the wars of the past were fought because of benighted ignorance, that good sense would after all prevail. She wanted to tell him that the past was responsible for him, for his beauty, but of course there was nothing to say, no possible way to explain.

My Postcolonial Short Story class seems to be working, if this reception is anything to go by. Apparently this is my th review. Ah well.


Love and Longing in Bombay

Be wily, be twisty, be elaborate. Forsake grim shortness and hustle. Let us luxuriate in your curlicues. Besides, you need a frame story for its peace and quiet. Thus the story is perfect in itself, complete and whole. And he recognizes that a story need not be perfect in itself to compel--and move--the reader.


LOVE AND LONGING IN BOMBAY. By Vikram Chandra . Little, Brown: 288 pp., $22.95

When I started going there, he had been retired for six years from the Ministry of Defence, after a run of forty-one years that had left him a joint-secretary. I was young, and I had just started working at a software company which had its air-conditioned and very streamlined head offices just off the Fountain, and I must confess the first time I heard him speak it was to chastise me. He had been introduced to me at a table on the balcony, sitting with three other older men, and my friend Ramani, who had taken me there, told me that they had been coming there for as long as they had worked and longer. Subramaniam had white hair, he was thin, and in the falling dusk he looked very small to me, the kind of man who would while away the endless boredom of his life in a bar off Sasoon Dock, and so I shaped him up in my mind, and weighed him and dropped him.


Love and Longing in Bombay: Stories

In a waterfront bar in Bombay, an enigmatic civil servant tells stories to a group of friends. His work, comprising five short stories set in Mumbai, has beaten The God of Small Things, the Booker Prize-winning novel by Arundhati Roy, which was judged runner up in the same category. Could it have been that Arundhati Roy and her book has had more than their fair share of acclaim? Lal—decided on the winner and the runner-up. Lyrical and humane, this book plots a fresh path in Indian writing. He does not reproduce old Bombay stories as his own first inventions.



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