In my opinion, I think I can sum up the important stuff in a page on my website so I can save you a little reading and some precious money. Standard dark blue or black with subtle pinstripes with a traditional cut on the coat. Black shiny shoes and a tasteful tie. I read a lot of books that had chapters and chapters on what to wear, what colors, et cetera. I think the airlines can care less as long as you look professional. In fact, during my personnel interview with both Skyway Airlines and Delta Air Lines, they both told me it was ok if I removed the jacket and relaxed a little.

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Over 20 illustrations. Prepares you for your interviews with Personnel, Flight Department interviewing captains, the physician and psychologist. Customer Book Reviews Extremely informative information for future airline pilots By Mike B on Dec 18, As stated above, extremely informative information for the future ailine pilot to be. This book is very easy to read, clear and concise. Irv gets right to the point on all his topics whether it would be writing the cover letter and resume to what color suit to wear to the interview.

There is definitely an experience factor that went into writing this very short book. A must buy for the on-going airline hiring boom. It explains in Detail the specific steps to be hired as a pilot. I would buy it again. It was most helpful in my getting hired by a major airline.

I gave the book to a friend and he also was hired by my airline. He then gave it to someone else. Sorry, Irv. This book is a definite must. Irv Jasinski is certainly an expert on effective job interviewing skills and techniques, with impressive credentials to back it up.

His book walked me through everything I needed to do to prepare myself for my job interviews, how best to sell myself to HR and Flight Ops interviewing captains during those interviews, and what to do afterwards. Applied everything I learned, was hired, and start class a month from now.

Get Hired! A terrific book as well. On point, but somewhat dated By Robert J. Clausen on May 18, By far the best interview prep book I have found; especially considering how many airlines seems to be going away from the technical interview aspect, and more to the soft skills. Some parts, especially the first few chapters on resume writing etc. No book style format By Ak Flyer on Jan 26, This book in Kindle format lacks many "normal" Kindle book features like table of contents, chapter separation, etc.

This book is awesome By Raphael on Feb 17, It really pays off for pilots who want good jobs with the airliners. Lots of great tips. This book is amazing. If you want to be hired, you must read this book. By Cem K on Nov 29, I bought this book after resigning from my military career. I was preparing for my interview with an airline company. I read it twice before my interview date and it helped me a lot.

Book has 46 chapters, and it takes you from 4 to 6 months before your interview and gives you guidance how to prepare for it. Thanks for reading my comment. Read the book and go quiet for your Job By Oscar V. This book from Irv Jasinski covers every aspect of the modern airline pilot interview. Airline interview from my country is based on the behavioral interview concept and should not be attempted unless fully prepared. Make an investment in your future. A suggestion It covers a lot of the "how to actually conduct yourself in the interview" stuff.

I topped it off with Emerald Coast Consulting and recently got hired by Delta. This is not geared toward a specific airline but will give a wide swath of perspective from a guy who has sat on the other side of the table. Good luck. Very helpful tool!

Wrote especially for experienced pilots looking By Amazon Customer on Oct 29, Very helpful tool! Wrote especially for experienced pilots looking for their second job but suitable also for those who are trying to land their first one! Its a great tool to help get you organized. By Cargo Pilot on May 06, I would recommend this book to any pilot who is ready to move to the next lever in commercial aviation.

Its well organized and easy to read. The author had clearly been through many interviews throughout his career. By Valerie Dorey on May 09, Information is well organized and the entire book is easy and interesting to read.

Lots of advices more than simple examples, so you can apply what you read to your own personality. The examples are well chosen - and reflect well the one you ll have in a real interview. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Career Advancement Publications and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Airline Pilot Interviews: How You Can Succeed in Getting Hired



Airline Pilot Interviews: How You Can Succeed in Getting Hired


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