Feb 24, Ski Chills rated it it was amazing loved it a great read for young adults ant teens, a refresher for us all May 09, Sherreka Burton rated it really liked it While much of this was not new to me, a LOT of people could benefit from it, especially the manners portion. It was quick and to the point, which I also appreciated. These are assembled by editors and full of bold typefaces, stark photos and gently ribald humor. An even more intriguing subset in this field is the "authored by the neo-dandy" the fastidiousness and attention to appearance that the neo-dandy maintains is impressive to me. I like the homage he pays to his relatives and the attention that is paid to common decency three cheers for a useful pop book I see people not only chewing with their mouth open but eating buckets of greasy fried chicken on the subway and tossing the bones and dirty napkins on the floor.

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By Orange County Register October 18, at a. While most children were enjoying their summer days playing in the sunshine, Derrick Watkins — aka Fonzworth Bentley — spent his free moments perfecting his etiquette. He was constantly by his side at parties and videos — so much so that he became a celebrity himself.

AP: So were you targeting the younger generation with this book? AP: Were you always into etiquette as a child? AP: How old were you? Bentley: I had to be like But it ended up being a great thing. And it was Bill Cosby! Bentley: Well I was working at Polo at the time, so if I ever wanted to go out, I would always be dressed in a suit.

And at that time, culturally in hip-hop, this was the beginning of the jerseys, and the only people in suits were the Wall Street guys in their navy suit and yellow tie or their gray suit and red tie.

And here I am in a chocolate brown Ralph Lauren purple label three-piece … I really stood out. I did it to the point that it became a joke. Bentley: Oh yeah, I speak about it in the book, without a doubt. Bentley: Yeah I was, but Kanye and Sony severed ties.

I am not from the hood. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, a very nice silver spoon I might add — Lenox china! And the hood respects me really for the hustle.

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Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead



Advance Your Swagger



Fonzworth Bentley


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