Fejar Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In addition to being the author of dozens of iOS-native applications, Erica holds a Ph. All code has been fully revised and extensively saeun to reflect the latest iOS 6 features and the newest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch capabilities. You submitted the following rating and review. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Throughout, every chapter groups related tasks together, so you can jump straight to your solution, without having to identify the right class or framework first.

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Sample code is never a fixed target. Get involved. Github allows you to fork repositories and grow them with your own tweaks and features, and share those back to the main repository. If you come up with a new idea or approach, let us know. Although each programmer brings different goals and experiences to the table, most iPhone developers end up solving similar tasks in their development work: "How do I build a table?

This is not how people normally develop iPhone or Cocoa applications, or, honestly, how they should be developing them, but it provides a great way of presenting a single big idea. Offering a single file concentrates that story, allowing access to that idea in a single chunk. These examples are not intended as standalone applications. They are there to demonstrate a single recipe and a single idea.

One main. Readers can study these concentrated ideas and transfer them into normal application structures, using the standard file structure and layout. The presentation in this book does not produce code in a standard day-to-day best-practices approach. Instead, it reflects a pedagogy that offers concise solutions that you can incorporate back into your work as needed.

Those examples are built as full applications, often doing tasks that are related to but not essential to what you need to solve. Finding just those relevant portions is a lot of work. The effort may outweigh any gains. In this book, there are exceptions to this one-file-with-the-story rule: the cookbook provides standard class and header files when a class implementation is the recipe.

Instead of highlighting a technique, some recipes offer these classes and categories that is, extensions to a preexisting class rather than a new class. For those recipes, look for separate. For the most part, the examples for this book use a single application identifier: com. This book uses one identifier to avoid clogging up your iOS devices with dozens of examples at once.

Each example replaces the previous one, ensuring that your home screen remains relatively uncluttered. If you want to install several examples at once, simply edit the identifier, adding a unique suffix, such as com. You can also edit the custom display name to make the apps visually distinct. Your Team Provisioning Profile matches every application identifier, including com. How to build these projects You should be able to use your team provision to build and deploy these projects to the simulator or to devices.

Before compiling, make sure you select a deployment target using the scheme pop-up menu at the top-left of the Xcode window. For the most part, the samples for this book use a single application identifier, com. This book uses one identifier to avoid clogging up your iPhone with dozens of samples at once. Each sample replaces the previous one, ensuring that SpringBoard remains relatively uncluttered. If you want to install several samples at once, simply edit the identifier, adding a unique suffix, such as com.

Samples use the same icons and launch images as well.


The iOS5 Developer's Cookbook (Third Edition) 한국어판





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