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Worth a try. I was already exercising regularly. You know those nutrition experts who wring their hands over how Americans eat too many processed foods and not enough vegetables? Not anymore. So there. Reading a couple of pages or a chapter a day during my weight loss journey has aided in losing 25 lbs over the last 2 years -- and during that time I have read this book 5 times This has been my daily devotional, constant reminder, wealth of knowledge of what to eat and not to eat to feel better.

Reading a couple of pages or a chapter a day during my weight loss journey has aided in losing 25 lbs over the last 2 years -- and during that time I have read this book 5 times and am reading now as a constant reminder of what I am supposed to be doing -- like meditation, it works!

Turns out the key to weight loss--and, more importantly, life gain--is simply feeding your body in ways that support our genetic and evolutionary programming. Mark does an amazing job in explaining how eating well and living better begin with eating foods that are conducive to the complex web of hormones and chemicals that control our metabolism. The whole premise of his approach rests on the concept that whole foods with a low glycemic load and high phytonutrient index help the body naturally thrive.

The "right foods" send messages of weight loss and health to the receptors on our genes, while the "wrong foods" communicate messages of weight gain and disease. The Ultra-Metabolism approach is not a diet, but a way of life, where food is medicine, and the primary "side effect" is a body whose systems function harmoniously in the way that nature intended.

Offers great recipes and an entire eating plan to make your body happy on the inside. Not sure if I have the time to complete all the phases but I have taken all the basics to heart and am starting next on the Ultra-Metabolizm cookbook so I can make some of these easy, delicious and healthy foods to eat.


The Ultrametabolism Companion Guide

At 42 years old he had his first bypass. He ate a perfect low fat diet, exercised daily, took an aspirin, a cholesterol lowering medication and a beta-blocker to protect his heart. After 8 years he once again developed chest pain and went to see his doctor. The doctor performed a procedure call an angioplasty where a balloon is opened inside the artery to correct the blockage. Again his doctor advised him to eat even less fat. Worried for his life, he reduced his fat intake further.


Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss



UltraMetabolism® Myth # 3: Eating Fat Makes You Fat


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