Wir empfehlen Ihnen daher, diese Bedienungs- anleitung vor der ersten Ingebrauchnahme aufmerksam durchzulesen. Befestigen Sie Riemen Abbildung 2. Entfer- nen Sie die Montagehilfe wie in Abb. Wurde Ihr Plattenspieler ohne Tonarm geliefert, so montie- ren Sie diesen nun bitte nach der Anleitung des Herstellers. In der Regel hilft hier allerdings

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Each of them has their own merits as well as their special place in our hearts. In that sense, is it sensible for you to purchase another Thorens turntable? Why not! By having another turntable, you can have a wide variety of choices when it comes to playing music of different genres. Of course, the focus of this article is not to persuade you to buy a random turntable.

But hey, you are still able to purchase a 2nd hand model from eBay itself! If you are lucky, you will be able to snag a relatively cheap one that will suit your budget. Features This is a fully manual turntable, which is expected for vintage turntables that are being designed in the late 60s to 70s.

With this, you will need to manually move the tonearm to start and stop the playing. This allows you to play most records effectively.

There is also the 16 pole synchronous motor that helps to keep the entire turntable running smoothly. Also, to ensure that the entire production of sound is smooth, the platter itself is deliberately chosen to weigh at 3.

This will effectively dampen vibrations from sources. The platter and armbase are also suspended by three springs. As for the tonearm, it uses the Isotrack tonearm which is an upgrade over the older TP16 tonearm. The main difference in both versions is that the Isotrack tonearm has a mass that weighs 7. Also, the armwands are completely interchangeable, allowing you to change it to suit your playing needs, or to change it when the equipment is broken. Sound Quality The sound quality itself is worth mentioning.

While you can always pair an amplifier to the turntable, you might just want to let yourself soak into the sounds that are being produced by this vintage turntable. You can hear how it sounds like in the video below. Aesthetics Having a vintage look, you can expect that it might not fit into the decor of most modern housing. The wooden platform itself already differs from the usual material that is being utilized for the turntable.

Also, the simplistic design, as well as lack of controls, can be troubling for newbies. Types of damages include damages to the tonearm, stylus or even cosmetic damages that can be seen on the body of the turntable itself. While cosmetic damages can be negated, it is the damages to the components that are more pressing.

Of course, there are 3rd party sites that offer services to repair the turntable. Test Sound Quality You should always demand to test the sound output from the turntable itself.

Of course, the later models will beat it in terms of sound, but it can never beat the TD MK II in terms of the vintage look.


Thorens TD 160: un giradischi del passato che in tantissimi rimpiangono



Thorens TD160


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