The two LM tracks are cross-shaped, with the reverse side combined with the direct intersection to form a whole. The perpendicularity between the two orbits is also high precision machining, so very high orthogonal precision can be obtained. Since only the CSR type is required to form an intersecting linear motion system, the traditional sliding seat frame is not required, and the structure of x-y motion is simplified to make miniaturization possible. Because the steel ball is arranged in 4 columns with good balance, the torque is strong, which can not only be applied to the load to improve the rigidity, but also achieve smooth linear motion. Therefore, it is most suitable for constructing x-y workbench with high rigidity requirements. This model is an integral type of LM Guide that squares an internal structure similar to model HSR, which has a proven track record and is highly reliable, with another and uses two LM rails in combination.

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Open the catalog to page 1 Structure of Model TY This belt drive actuator has a caged ball LM Guide combined with a lightweight and compact aluminum base. Options such as a stainless steel cover, a motor bracket or a sensor make it useful for a variety of applications. Features of Model TY Open the catalog to page 2 2. Long service life and long term maintenance-free operation are possible because there is no mutual friction between the balls and grease retention is improved due to the effect of the caged ball.

The QZ Lubricator supplies an optimal amount of lubricant to the raceway of the LM rail, substantially extending maintenance intervals. Note 2 Effective stroke is less than mechanical stroke for stainless steel cover option.

Please refer to the dimensions tables for details page 6. Note 3 The static permissible load is determined by either the bolt tightening strength or static rated load of the LM Guide unit. For the axial direction, it is determined by the torsional strength of pulley shaft. Note 4 Static permissible moment is the maximum value of the moment that can load on each direction.

Note 5 Maximum load capacity guideline is Open the catalog to page 5 Same position on the opposite side Note 1 Above figure shows the slider in mid-stroke. Note 2 Please contact THK for strokes other than those listed above. Note 3 Please install the unit using the T-slot E section on the side see page Base length [mm] Main unit weight [kg] Main unit weight [kg] Note 1 Above figure shows the slider in mid-stroke.

Note 2 Please use the actuator within effective strokes. Contact THK for strokes other than Open the catalog to page 7 Motor bracket Motor brackets for various reducers are available. Using a reducer is recommended. Note 2 Please see Shimpo Drives, Inc. Note 3 The orthogonal axis type reducer is a special Please have keys ready


THK Linear Motion

LM Guide Actuators Because of its integral-structure inner block consisting of a highly rigid outer rail with a U-shaped cross section, LM Guide units on both side faces and a Ball Screw unit in the center, LM Guide Actuator model KR achieves a highly rigid and highly accurate actuator in a minimal space. In addition, since the housings A and B also serve as support units and the inner block as a table, this model allows significant reduction of man-hours required for design and assembly, thus contributing to total cost cutting. As a result, model KR can be used in any mounting orientation. High Rigidity Use of an outer rail with a U-shaped cross section increases the rigidity against a moment and torsion. High Accuracy Since the linear guide section consists of 4 rows of circular-arc grooves that enable balls to smoothly move even under a preload, a highly rigid guide with no clearance is achieved.


THK LM Guide


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THK - HMG Straight-Curved Guide



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