He father was apparently a fan of crime novels because it was the discovery of his personal collection of books that got young Camilla interested in the genre that would someday become the focus of her writing career. Those novels found on the shelf in her home became dear to her. She developed a real passion and sense of excitement from the thrilling storylines that novels of crime are so well known for. Lackberg began writing at an early age.

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Together they solve murders linked to the history of the small fishing community. The Ice Princess : Almost 2. The story begins with the discovery of the dead body of a woman in a bath. But who murdered her, and why? The Tanumshede police begin their investigation, and Erica Falck is drawn into the case, which touches her personally.

Does her death have anything to do with the two girls who vanished from the town almost twenty years ago? The search for the truth brings old atrocities to the surface in the small community. At first everyone assumes her death is an accident, but it soon becomes apparent that she was murdered.

But who would want to kill a seven-year-old child? The answer lies in a tale from the s, which is interwoven with present day events. One of the participants in the programme is found dead in a skip. Is there a connection with a car accident that turns out to be murder? The Hidden Child : In a chest in the attic, Erika Falck finds an old Nazi medal that her mother had kept hidden away. Two days later he is found beaten to death.

Three months later his body is found, frozen in the ice. A few days later, the newly appointed finance officer on the local council is murdered. During the investigation the police uncovers a series of secrets in his past. The only person left is Ebba, the daughter, who is one year old.

She now returns to the island where her father once ran a boarding school with an iron hand. But soon her family are the target of an arson attack, and dried blood is found under the floorboards in the dining room. She has been exposed to unimaginable cruelty and there is a risk that she is not the only one. The Leo Tamer is a story of abducted girls, ruthless serial killers and family tragedies in the past.

The Witch Thirty years earlier a little girl disappeared from exactly the same farm and was later found murdered. That time, two thirteen year old girls were accused of abducting and killing the girl.


The Lost Boy (Patrik Hedstrom And Erica Falck)



Crime novels


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