Quenta Silmarillion is Quenya translated as the "Tale of the Silmarils". The Sindarin title is Pennas Silevril meaning the same. However the lamps were destroyed by the vicious Melkor. Two main continents were created that are of concern to the story: Aman on the far West, and Middle-earth to the East, over the Great Ocean. Following this, Melkor hid himself from the Valar in an enormous fortress, Utumno. He also surrounded himself with horrible beasts, many of them Maiar in the form of fell animals, known as Balrogs.

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The Valar , angelic beings, enter into the world and try to shape it after a vision given to them by Eru. The initial shape of Arda, chosen by the Valar, was of a symmetrical continent lit by the Two Lamps.

Two main continents were created that are of concern to the story: Aman in the west, and Middle-earth in the east. Following this, Melkor hid himself from the Valar in his fortress Utumno in the north of Middle-earth.

He also surrounded himself with horrible beasts, many of them Maia in the form of fell animals, known as Balrogs. Middle-earth, by contrast, was in perpetual darkness, and was seldom visited by the Valar. The Valar, aware of the risk Melkor posed to the Elves, beleaguered his fortress and finally overthrew him and took him prisoner to Valinor to serve "three ages" in the Halls of Mandos.

Some of the Elves did not follow him or became sidetracked and stayed in Middle-earth, and so the Elves became sundered. These notably included the Sindar , who stayed in Middle-earth when their king, Thingol , became lost in the forest.

He was to later emerge, married to the Maia Melian , and found the Kingdom of Doriath. The Elves who accepted the summons were carried across the sea on a floating island.

The Silmarils were hallowed by Varda, and would burn any evil or mortal creature who touched them. About this time, Melkor, having completed his sentence, convinced the other Valar that he had reformed and he was released. Tulkas hunted him, but Melkor had hidden and could not be found. Melkor then traveled to Avathar in secret, where he joined forces with the evil spirit Ungoliant , whose form was a giant spider-like creature. Melkor swore an oath to give Ungoliant whatever she desired, and imparted some of his power to her.

Melkor and Ungoliant then made their way across to Middle-earth, and he gave Ungoliant all the great jewels he had stolen, except the Silmarils, which he desired to keep. The rapacious Ungoliant consumed them all and, still hungry, she demanded the Silmarils, but the ever-treacherous Melkor reneged on his oath, so she seized him and bound him with her webs, and his anguished cries echoed across all of Middle-earth.

Melkor escaped from Ungoliant with the help of his former servants, the Balrogs, who came to his aid from their hiding places in the deepest recesses of the ruins of Utumno, and he re-established his empire in the North from his secondary fortress of Angband. He placed the three Silmarils, which now were the only source of the unmarred light of the Two Trees, in his Iron Crown, although his hands were burned black by them. He urged the Noldor to leave Valinor, for a punitive expedition against Morgoth and a new life in Middle-earth.

At this point, Finarfin, who had always been reluctant to leave, turned back to Valinor with a small number of followers. Approximately 2. In the first of five great Battles, he sent out two armies of Orcs , forcing Thingol and his Maia queen to establish a magical boundary around Doriath, the " Girdle of Melian ", while the coastal Elves were forced to retreat into their fortified harbour towns.

But they were able to create the Moon and the Sun from a silver leaf and a golden fruit, which were all that remained of them. These new lights illuminated Middle-earth, stimulated much new plant and animal growth, and for a while, confounded the plans of Morgoth.

Unable to assail them, as his once near-limitless power grew ever more dispersed among his servants, who feared the new lights no less than he, the Dark Lord was forced to take refuge in clouds and shadow that surrounded his strongholds. They built many great strongholds, including the vast cavern-city of Nargothrond , on the river Narog , and the mighty hidden mountain fortress of Gondolin , ruled by Turgon , from whence none who entered were permitted to leave.

Forced to skirt along the edge of the dreaded region of Nan Dungortheb where Ungoliant had gone after the escape of Morgoth , Aredhel was separated from her escort and lost. He took her as his wife, and they had a son, Maeglin. Maeglin remained in Gondolin, became a mighty warrior and wrought many great weapons, but his forbidden love for his cousin Idril Celebrindal would eventually cause him to betray Gondolin to Morgoth. They then laid the Siege of Angband , which lasted for four hundred years.

After a further hundred years, Morgoth sent forth the dragon Glaurung , the first of the Fire-drakes. Being only half-grown and not fully armoured, Glaurung was unable to withstand Fingon and his archers, eventually fleeing back to Angband.

The period after the first defeat of Glaurung became known as The Long Peace, lasting almost two hundred years. It was during this time, about three hundred years after the Noldor had arrived in Beleriand, that Men first came into Middle-earth from the regions far to the east. They first appeared in Ossiriand , where Felagund was the first of the Noldor to see them. Over the next hundred years many of them became allies of the Noldor in the war against Morgoth, and settled in Noldorin realms.

The Dagor Bragollach Morgoth, however, merely used the Siege as an opportunity to build up strength, and in Y. The fourth Great Battle, Dagor Bragollach became famous for the re-emergence of the Dragon Glaurung in his full strength. Enraged by the assaults against his people, Fingolfin fearlessly made his way alone to the gates of Angband, where he challenged Morgoth to single combat and the evil Vala was forced to come out and meet him rather than appear cowardly.

Afterwards, he set about destroying the remaining Elf-kingdoms one by one. Thus, in sending Beren on this perilous quest, Thingol unwittingly binds himself to the Doom of Mandos , ensuring his eventual downfall. Beren attempts to hold off the terrible creature with the power of the Silmaril, but Carcharoth bites off his hand and swallows the holy jewel.

Driven mad by the pain it inflicts, the creature goes on a rampage through Doriath until it is eventually killed by the mighty Elf-hound Huan. As immortals whose souls are bound to Arda for as long as it lasts, Thingol and Melian suffer the grief of being deprived of their daughter for all time.

Gondolin The last Elf-Kingdom to fall was the hidden city of Gondolin. Gondolin was eventually betrayed to Morgoth by Maeglin , and destroyed. Turgon fell during the battle and the High Kingship passed to Gil-galad, who dwelt at the Mouth of Sirion. In this battle, the Great Battle also known as the War of Wrath , Morgoth was utterly defeated; his armies were destroyed, with only a few remnants scattered across the Earth. He was taken prisoner and his two remaining Silmarils were confiscated.

Maedhros committed suicide by jumping with the Silmaril into a chasm in the earth, and Maglor threw his Silmaril away into the sea. Many more followed Gil-galad and stayed in Middle-earth. Morgoth was cast out of the World, imprisoned in the Void that lies behind the Walls of Night. The Silmarils were lost "unless the World be broken and re-made", but each one found its home in one of the elements: sky, water, and earth.


Quenta Silmarillion

Many Ainur accept, taking physical form and becoming bound to that world. The greater Ainur become known as the Valar , while the lesser Ainur are called the Maiar. The Valar attempt to prepare the world for the coming inhabitants Elves and Men , while Melkor, who wants Arda for himself, repeatedly destroys their work; this goes on for thousands of years and, through waves of destruction and creation, the world takes shape. Valaquenta "Account of the Valar" [T 4] describes Melkor and each of the 14 Valar in detail, as well as a few of the Maiar. It also reveals how Melkor seduces many Maiar — including those who would eventually become Sauron and the Balrogs — into his service. Quenta Silmarillion[ edit ] Quenta Silmarillion "The History of the Silmarils " [T 4] , which makes up the bulk of the book, is a series of interconnected tales set in the First Age that make up the tragic saga of the three jewels, the Silmarils.


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