Schroder provides a thorough compendium of practical solutions to common problems found in the Debian and RPM-based Linux environments. Intended for the beginner to intermediate user, this book also has lots of good nuggets for the advanced Linux systems administrator. The table of contents generously lists each topic covered with enough detail for the reader to quickly pinpoint specific problems of interest. The book begins with a logical chapter, "Finding Documentation," which naturally covers man manual pages: understanding, finding, reading and printing the documentation that has frightened many a newbie. This chapter provides a nice overview of man pages and clearly explains how to find documentation quickly and efficiently.

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The knowledge needed to install, deploy and maintain Linux is not easily found and no Linux distribution gets it just right.

Scattered information can be found in a pile of man pages, texinfo files and source code comments but the best source of information is the experts themselves who built up a working knowledge of managing Linux systems. Use just one recipe from this varied collection of real-world solutions and the hours of tedious trial-and-error saved will more than pay for the cost of the book. But those who prefer to learn hands-on will find that this cookbook not only solves immediate problems quickly, it also cuts right to the chase pointing out potential pitfalls and illustrating tested practices that can be applied to a myriad of other situations.

Read less About the author: Carla Schroder Carla Schroder Carla Schroder is a self-taught Linux and Windows sysadmin, who laid hands on her first computer around her 37th birthday. Her first PC was a Macintosh Read more Carla Schroder Carla Schroder is a self-taught Linux and Windows sysadmin, who laid hands on her first computer around her 37th birthday. Then around she discovered Red Hat 5.

Somewhere along the way she found herself doing freelance consulting for small businesses and home users, supporting both Linux and Windows users and integrating Linux and Windows on the LAN, primarily Linux servers and Windows clients. Read less.



I like this format, because you can pick up the book and usefully dip into it randomly. The tasks covered are a mixture both in terms of difficulty and context: for instance, there are sections on package management both for RPM-based and Debian systems user management and Linux text editors vi and joe which are intended mainly as introductions to these topics for the new user. The emphasis is on the fundamentals of Linux and setting up server systems: this is not one of those books filled with desktop screenshots, and although much of its content will be useful to desktop users, it is not about running end-user applications on the desktop. Although none of the chapters offers complete coverage of its topic, in most cases the typical tasks that you might want to carry out are covered, and the chapter gives you more than enough to get started with.


Linux Cookbook

Stock Image - Actual Cover May Vary Linux Networking Cookbook by Carla Schroder This soup-to-nuts collection of recipes covers everything you need to know to perform your job as a Linux network administrator, whether youre new to the job or have years of experience. With Linux Networking Cookbook, youll dive straight into the gnarly hands-on work of building and maintaining a computer network. Running a network doesnt mean you have all the answers. Networking is a complex subject with reams of reference material thats difficult to keep straight, much less remember. If you want a book that lays out the steps for specific tasks, that clearly explains the commands and configurations, and does not tax your patience with endless ramblings and meanderings into theory and obscure RFCs, this is the book for you. Each recipe includes a clear, hands-on solution with tested code, plus a discussion on why it works. When you need to solve a network problem without delay, and dont have the time or patience to comb through reference books or the Web for answers, Linux Networking Cookbook gives you exactly what you need.

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