The daughter of Anthony and Janet, she was to draw upon her surrounding environment for much of adult career. Later on she was to attend university, building upon her inspiration even further. She further established her voice by taking inspiration from the environment around her, something which she gained from her early working career as well. Her experiences as a bartender, insurance specialist and computer consultant would all help to provide a grounding in her work that would act as the foundation for much of her material later on. This is specifically the case for Celtic mythology that has helped inform a large part of her working career.

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Actually, no just one big spoiler And it s not really a spoiler, but you know how precious some people can be This cat just had the ending of Shadowfever spoiledOkay, so this is a romance novel You pretty much know how they all end, right Happily Ever After with lots of sex and pregnancy babies. Do you want to know the truth Children are evil Now, I wouldn t go quite so far as to say that they re little Stewies in the making Though I won t dismiss the theoryBut babies do three things from the moment they re born.

They don t have anything else to do They eat, sleep and poop and they re learning how to bring you down and crush your spirit while doing all three of those tasks all the while knowing that if you ever chose to, you could crush them with your giant adult fists Look at that pure, malevolent evilAnd yet, people still procreate, why There are childless people reading this right now And I bet you I BET you that they will probably still have children despite everything that I have said.

Chloe another virgin in need of a cherry picker I mean, what s up with that Is every girl in this series a freaking virgin she is very intelligent, and knows her antiques and ancient languages She is seriously attracted to Dageus, and even though he kept her locked in his room for a while, she ends up helping him in the search for other books that might explain how to return the 13 druids back to where they came from. He tensed, startled by the gesture He was accustomed to women reaching for many parts of him, none of them his hand.

He glanced at her, but she was staring straight ahead Yet her hand was in his. He closed his fingers around hers before she might snatch it away Her wee hand was nearly swallowed by his It meant to him than kisses More even than bedplay When women sought him for sex, it was for their pleasure. Dageus is the man of the 3 Ds Dark, Dangerous and Druid He is inhabited by the souls of 13 ancient evil druids Draghar as a panishment for using his power to go back in time in order to save his brother, Drustan The spirits are behaving themselves only if Dageus is having constantly sex.

The book starts with him living in New York, searching like crazy for a cure for his condition There he meets Chloe, a student who is drawn to his world He kidnaps her and he convice her to help him Together they are visiting Scotland and his brother Drustan and they go back in time to meet his father Silvan A great love is born between them.

Chloe, a self proclaimed nerd and lover of antiques finds herself the victim of that old saying, Curiosity killed the cat When sent to Mr MacKeltar s New York apartment to drop off a parcel, Chloe lets her curiosity get the best of her and she gets caught red handed when Daegus comes home, finding a woman searching beneath his bed Her punishment doesn t seem all that terrible though, because the gorgeous hunk of manflesh ties her to his bed and feeds her delicious meals.

Chloe was an easy heroine to like I loved her passion for her work Anything old with a history sparked something inside of her She s someone who would rather spend time researching than anything else She had many endearing qualities and characteristics Her nervous hiccups, that stubborn lift of her chin, and the endless love she had for Daegus despite her not knowing everything about the mysterious Scot She takes many leaps of faith, trusting Daegus only when she s known him for such a short period of time.

Speaking of time, the time travel in this one is perfect Again I wish Moning continued with this series While she has made her name with her Fever series, she is a master at meshing two hearts together into one. And there s Daegus who, simply put, is sex I swooned so much through this book, I grew faint At least give me some time to recover between bated breaths Favourite Quote I am going to love you now, slow and sweet, but when you come, I m going to fuck you the way I need to The way I ve been dreaming about since the moment I saw you.

The Dark Highlander begins with Dageus alone in 20th century Manhattan desperately searching for a way to free himself from the 13 evil spirits taking up residence within his body for breaking an ancient pact for personal gain But he s not alone long, after intrepid Chloe Zanders takes it upon herself to investigate the artifacts spread throughout Dageus s palatial home while making a less than routine delivery Chloe has no idea that she s just changed her world forever and that the man who holds the key to ancient Celtic artifacts recently gone missing also holds the key to her heart.


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