I know, but it was decided to release the system immediately instead of having to wait for the supplemental manual to be rewritten, proof read and then sent to the printers. Show only mxnual all. First class feel to the set and touch wood reliable so far. Cheers, yes, hence why it waffles on about setting it to Dsd9 mode rather than ppm or fm When the system is powered using one battery a single blue LED will constantly emit when the system is powered.

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By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Eventually I got the transmitter back working as it should but by that time the flying season was upon us and I just wanted to fly. On the DX6I you can assign the timer function to any switch, I prefer the throttle cut button.

Mike Smart Registered User. On DX8 you can tell your transmitter which switch is doing what I got it for future use manuual four servo glider wings. You can use PayPal to send the money.

JR ProPo DSX9 Manuals The Spekky sets to me do feel a bit lower quality but do the job of transmitting your commands perfectly well Also I appreciate his support and help with translation of the manual.

I am very pleased with the set and especially the receiver. The reboot time is so quick you cant notice it. Jun 13, This obviously suggests that you can use two batteries. Regards to have something mxnual, Spektrum spent 5 years developing the technology to improve issues of interference from other radios and frequencies; have a look on Spektrum website where they fly with more than radios on with no interference. No setup stickers for JR radios in UK. This is a Spektrum statement — not me saying.

Images View all Images in thread Views: Some will find this very useful. So on the it has to be wired to the trainer switch which is mahual you use to start the timer normallyand on the DX7 to the decrease button.

Jul 22, Hope someone can help settle a debate? Originally Posted by jdr I know some will say that the JR set feels more solid, has a few more knobs and twiddly things etc, dsz9 lets be honest Details are in the manual, which you can download.

Download jr dsx9 manual Diigo Groups Endless number of planes as you can save to you SD card, copy and save on your computer. However, I can say people in the club do complain about interference of all sorts. Mamual Now Dont miss an issue! I like mine and no doubt you will like yours too.

Remember Me Forgot Password? I have no experience of JR although they are undoubtedly held in high regard by their followers.

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Jr Propo DSX9 Manuals

Shaktirr To tell you the timer is armed, the unit produces six beeps. I am jealous of your digital throttle trim, but not of the price — OUCH! I have no experience of JR although they are undoubtedly held in high regard by their followers. Affordable enough to have one to play with, and nothing more flexible or up-datable. Jul 22, Endless number of planes as you can save to you SD card, copy and save on your computer.


JR ProPo DSX9 Instruction Manual

Just go to the website and find the appropriate manual. The plane and sailplane models have a push button. Nov 07, Power levels are only a small part of the requirement the power limits are established in ENplus there is the Low Voltage Directive which is encompassed in the EN testing. Is there anywhere in the UK as good as Hobby Lobby? Originally Posted by ptuxbury I have a question on this modification.

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