Retribution explores some chillingly dark places. Twists and turns on the highest order an an ending that is downright breathtaking. Jilliane Hoffman has the police procedures and legal matters down pat. Her fast-paced thriller bears all the hallmarks of pop entertainment. In her fiction debut, Hoffman makes C.

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What a vapid offering. The writing was terrible, it was a bad book. Also, there was no mystery there to speak of. Anyone who has ever read a book or two, or is familiar with a working of a simple mystery novel, would be able to figure out who the increasingly cartoonish killer is.

Plus, I think Hoffman needs to see someone professionally. Almost every character, cardboard as they were, was overly sexual. Now there is nothing necessarily wrong with that. We are sexual beings after all, and sex in books humanize otherwise fictional characters, it makes us see them as humans. But there are other ways of characterizations. There are other things in life, better things, more tangible things.

Trust me, sex is way overrated. Also, never trust anyone who says trust me. You are all so gullible, hehe. Now quasi-erotica is not a bad thing in itself, it can serve a purpose and might work too. Just the end result here is unintentionally hilarious, the writing really laughable.

Everyone should be able to express themselves sexually without being shamed for it. Just, the author needs help. The main baddie did something to one of his poor victims, something that years later, I found out had an actual name.

I am not clutching at my pearls, it was just so egregiously shocking and in very poor taste. Not to mention so completely unnecessary that it stood out for me.

Like I said, the author needs to see someone. Avoid these safe books, maybe if enough of us did that, the publishers would stop spewing out these low-quality contemporary novels. Last words, final thoughts: Any writer that uses the term "panty creaming good looks" ought to be disbarred from writing. Is what I think. Panty creaming I can hardly type that out. For a writer there should be a lot more effective and less offensive ways to describe a man than being a panty creamer.

God, did I just say that? I got my copy of Retribution in the mail, and started paging through it about half an hour later. Some books are best summed up with the same "what if? Such is the premise of Retribution. Townsend, an Assistant District Attorney in Miami, was raped and tortured in , while still in law school in New York, by an assailant she knows only as The Clown.

Then a man is pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and in the trunk of his car is found the tenth victim of the serial killer known as Cupid. Many of the details of the case are all too well-known to Townsend, for they remind her of her own violation so many years before. Hoffman, an ex-Florida ADA herself begging the autobiographical question, of course , delivers the goods in her debut novel.

She gives us a well-drawn and engaging cast of characters, a fabulous plot, and almost perfect pacing. The novel rarely slows, and when it does, it picks back up again promptly. The ending does go a bit over the top.

Hoffman the stock serial killer climax. A fine debut. Jilliane Hoffman is going places.



Beschreibung bei Amazon Jilliane Hoffman is a well known American author, who is particularly famous for writing thrillers and legal suspense novels. The C. Townsend series of novels written by her are the most famous works of her. This novel consists of three novels published between the years and


Jilliane Hoffman


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