Ia menyebut kawasan tersebut sebagai Ambalat. Akhbar Kompas pada 1 Jun memetik kenyataan beliau untuk menilai semula pertikaian di kawasan Ambalat dimana ianya berlaku disebabkan kekuatan Tentera Nasional Indonesia tidak ditakuti disebabkan peruntukan ketenteraan yang kurang bagi meningkatkan keupayaanya. Ia mengatakan bahawa kedaulatan dan keutuhan wilayah Indonesia tidak boleh dijual beli. Beliau mengatakan Indonesia sering diperlekehkan oleh negara jiran disebabkan ekonomi yang lemah yang secara tidak langsung menjejaskan sistem pertahanan negara. Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono pada 2 Jun pula mengatakan bahawa isu kedaulatan Indonesia tidak boleh diberikan kompromi. Namun demikian ianya perlu diselesaikan tanpa melibatkan peperangan.

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He specializes in research on the delimitation of international maritime boundaries and related oceans policy. The dispute is therefore directly linked to issues of energy security in terms of securing seabed hydrocarbon resources for each state. Add to your feed reader: Add to your feed reader:. Two case studies are examined. President Yudhoyono has therefore been subject to considerable internal political pressure to take a hard-line position against Malaysia.

In a sense, therefore, Ambalat has proved a useful pressure valve for the government from domestic concerns. In contrast, the Malaysian media has proved largely quiescent on the issue, and Kuala Lumpur has urged the Indonesian media to tone down their coverage, as Malaysia had no desire to debate the issue via the media. Energy Security and Southeast Asia: This site uses cookies. In that context, Indonesia claimed that the maritime boundary should proceed due east from the terminus of the land boundary on the east coast of Sebatik Island which is divided between the two states.

Indonesia is therefore likely to contest their right to generate anything more in terms of maritime jurisdiction than a 12nm broad territorial sea, and not extended claims to continental shelf or an EEZ. Furthermore, in Indonesia the dispute has been characterized by popular anti-Malaysian street protests, flag-burnings and inflammatory nationalist commentary in the media. You are commenting using your Facebook account. These developments will then be compared and contrasted with recent events in the South China Sea.

Many of the estimated one million illegal workers in Malaysia are Indonesian. Ambalat represents the first territorial challenge that the new Indonesian President has faced, and as such has been regarded as a test of his statesmanship and resolve on the sensitive question of national sovereignty.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Thus while Indonesia reluctantly accepts that Sipadan and Ligitan belong to Malaysia, Jakarta is likely to claim that these small islands are nothing anbalat than mere rocks within the meaning of Article 3 of the LOSC.

This is especially the case in Indonesia, where the media has been jsu to latch on to the dispute as a vehicle to promote patriotic fervor, which has served government interests by distracting public attention from the controversial and unpopular fuel price hikes, averaging 29 percent, implemented from March 1, All in all, the maritime boundary dispute reflects not only energy security or resource issues, but also the health of iisu overall bilateral political relationship between the parties.

Future growth predictions vary, but all show spiraling demand: Department of Defense, or the U. In this context, exploration for seabed hydrocarbon resources is often seen as a key way to reduce supply uncertainty, a fact which gives maritime jurisdictional disputes an energy security dimension. Introduction Over the past several years, rising global oil prices have focused attention on the issue of energy security — the need for countries to ensure continued access to energy resources, especially oil and gas, both at home and abroad.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser. As for the final shape of any agreement, this ambzlat, unsurprisingly, isuu to predict given the confidential nature of the bilateral negotiations.

Comment by cata — June 13, 7: To some extent, the posturing of both sides also serves domestic political ends. Fall Energy Security and Southeast Asia: Little information has emerged from these meetings into the public domain, although both sides have agreed isi negotiate on the basis of the LOSC, and continue to hold meetings until at least January Additionally, there is a wealth of relevant regional and global state practice to draw upon.

More serious tensions between China and Japan are brewing in the East China Sea, over access to natural gas. There have also been moves to establish energy stockpiles as a means to limit the impact of possible interruptions to supply. Comment by Merah putih — June 4, 5: Comment by DescuemDerb — May 20, 7: Gaining access to energy resources can engender both competition and cooperation among states. Many security analysts believe that competition is the norm, and that enhancing energy security is a zero sum game — every barrel of oil that one country acquires is one less for another.

Energy security and Ambalat The disputed area, though in deep water, is clearly usu, especially in a commercial environment driven by record crude prices.

Malaysia and Indonesia became embroiled in a war of words over a potentially oil-rich maritime zone off Borneo in March The dispute has therefore witnessed repeated claims and counter-claims regarding violations of national sovereignty, multiple diplomatic protests, and an alarming military build-up in the disputed area. The first involves overlapping maritime boundary claims between Indonesia and Malaysia over Ambalat off the east coast of Borneo.

Both nations have awarded oil concessions to companies, but no one is willing to search for oil until the diplomatic, and military, friction is taken care of. Related Articles.



Nama Ambalat aslinya merupakan nama sebuah Desa yang terletak sekitar 49,6 km di sebelah barat Tarakan, Kalimantan Timur. Kemudian oleh Indonesia nama ini dipakai untuk menandai nama suatu blok konsesi eksplorasi migas lepas pantai. Adapun faktor-faktor penyebaba timbulnya persengketaan blok perairan ambalat antara Indonesia dengan Malaysia yaitu: 1. Masing-masing negara baik Indonesia maupun Malaysia mengklaim bahwa blok perairan ambalat adalah wilayah toritorial kedaulatan negaranya.


Pertikaian hakmilik[ sunting sunting sumber ] Permilikan Ambalat ini menjadi pertikaian antara Malaysia dan Indonesia. Pertikaian ini timbul kerana perselisihan peta yang digunakan. Sedangkan Malaysia menggunakan peta rasmi terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh Malaysia. Pada masa kini kedua-dua negara sedang mengadakan perbincangan peringkat tertinggi bagi menyelesaikan isu ini.

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