February 16, Hey, wait! What do bug bounties and network security appliances have in common? Usually nothing! On the contrary, the security appliances allow virtual patching practices and actively participate to reduce the number of bug bounties paid to researchers…but this is a reverse story: a bug bounty was paid to us thanks to a misconfigured security appliance. We are not going to reveal neither the name of the affected company except it was a Fortune nor the one of the vulnerable component.

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It cached website objects that users were likely to use repeatedly, to increase load speed. The editor said it had "excellent performance", a "plug-and-go" setup, and "good management tools. The review noted that its "most noteworthy features" were its DNS caching and object pipelining techniques, which allowed page data to be delivered in parallel, rather than sequential, streams. Shares rose fivefold on its first day of trading.

However, the company was not profitable and its product was unproven. The appliance sat behind corporate firewalls to filter website traffic for viruses , worms and other harmful software. It had a custom operating system called Security Gateway and provided many of its security features through partners, like Symantec and Trend Micro. The company continued to lose money. Around a dozen Redmond workers were offered transfers to the Sunnyvale, CA office.

It had a range of security features, such as authentication, internet use policies, virus scanning, content filtering, and bandwidth restrictions for streaming video applications. The new name was intended to evoke the image of a police officer or guard. For example, a company could limit employee access to online gaming and video streaming, as well as scan attachments for viruses. The shift in focus was followed by smaller losses and revenues at first [7] [9] and eventually company growth.

A review in eWeek said the new ProxySG line was effective and easy to deploy, but the ongoing maintenance fees were expensive. In a November review, PC World gave it 4. Borman was named president and CEO of the company.

In May , the company acquired Solera Networks, involved in big data security.


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