Los rodenticidas se utilizan ampliamente como plaguicidas en el medio rural, y con menor frecuencia en la industria; en estos casos los trabajadores que los manipulan son los que se suelen intoxicar. Es un gas que se incluye dentro de los cianuros. Bromuro de Metilo o bromometano Es un derivado halogenado de los hidrocarburos. Las lesiones del sistema nervioso pueden tardar en resolverse y dejar secuelas. Los efectos colaterales de la penicilamina comprenden exantemas, leucopenia, trombocitopenia y nefrotoxicidad. En casos severos el paciente fallece por insuficiencia cardiorrespiratoria.

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Correspondencia: Mario David Galofre Ruiz. Summary Background. Rodenticides are chemical compounds designed to kill rats and mice through different mechanisms: by impairing their clotting systems; by blocking the acetylcholinesterase enzyme, resulting in a severe cholinergic crisis, by halting the Krebs cycle and therefore cellular respiration or by inhibition of cellular enzyme systems with ion displacement.

To identify the most frequently involved rodenticides in cases of acute poisoning in Colombia. Materials and methods. A retrospective, descriptive research has been developed, and is a review of cases that took place in Colombia and other South American countries.

The rodenticide intoxication brings along high morbidity, this might be fatal if there is no proper and timely medical attention. Agradecimientos Ninguno declarado por los autores. Referencias 1. Bochner R. Cien Saude Colet. Pattern of pediatric poisoning in the east Karadeniz region between and increased suicide poisoning. Hum Exp Toxicol. The epidemiology of childhood poisonings in Cyprus.

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Toxicol Rev.


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Rodenticidas: Antecedentes y Riesgos





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