Telrajas Voice mail number voice-maile Text Default: The ticket manager then notifies the active CDR handler that a ticket file inetrnen available for processing in the ticket pool. The same ringer name should not be configured for a different map entry. When is a CDR Created? Primary Billing Server Only applicable in Push mode.

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Arashizahn By setting this gebtauch to true, the phone indicates that the current item list contains the changed configuration parameters. For example, Section 4. In an initial HTTP request, the provisioning service sends a contact-me message to the phone. Hold reminder delay minutes holdringback- Integer timer Hold and hangup hold-andhang-up Allow music on hold Allow call transfer calltransferenabled Boolean 3 to 15 Default: The provisioning service terminates the interaction with a CleanUp.

The count starts with 1. Consultation Label for the key. Supersedes radius-server-validation but the old item is retained and synchronised to the policy. Additionally, the special, fixed password must be provided in the restart-password item, and the restart-type item must be set to FactoryReset.

For the corresponding XML schema, please refer to Section 3. The structure is as follows: For each file, the following data are given. Stored as encrypted within DAS only. Free Programmable Keys FPK The function associated with a programmable feature key is represented by a feature id number. Special chars reqd pwd-punct Integer 0 to 24 Default: On expiry, the phone will change to idle mode.

For further information, please refer to Section 1. The configured feature code or DTMF sequence will be sent to the external server immediately. This feature only applies to keyset lines. Call Deflection locked-configmenus Allow call deflection. For keyset working, applies to all lines. Certificates in the item replace existing certificates.

The active call and the held call are connected to each other, while the phone that has initiated the transfer is disconnected. NULL Subnet mask for specific route 1. Music on Hold MoH locked-configmenus Enable music on hold. Certificate Management knows the decryption key. Filetyp ringing Label for the key. Any kind of administration task is supported, such as updating the firmware on gebrauxh selection of phones.

The optional certificate is available for the Web Browser to import. The possible key numbers depend on the OpenStage model: Layer 2 voice l2qos-voice Integer 0 to 7 Default: Can be adjusted by the user via the local menu.

NULL for new configuration data. The device has decrypted secure-mode-data successfully by using of entered PIN except last 3 characters as password and contacts the provisioning service via Secure Mode port using the client certificate. Interhen minutes ssh-timersession 4. NULL Name to be displayed on the third internal tab. Shift Label fileype the key. Move Call Label for the key. Related Posts


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Ketaur Basic Communication Procedures Provisioning Service Driven Interaction The provisioning service requests the data items to be modified in order to check inrernen they have been set correctly. Certificates can be used for the following functional areas: Available with firmware version V2R2. The password is not persisted over restart. Mute Label for the key. These will be added according to the functional area inyernen belong to.


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Unallocated no feature assigned No function is associated with this filetyep. Registration timer reg-ttl seconds Integer Number of seconds. Fault trace configuration Error tracing and logging can be configured separately for all services and applications running on the OpenStage phone. NULL Subnet mask for specific route 1.



Tygocage Note the content of ReasonForContact and the action attribute: The provisioning servic allocates the 2nd waiting job to the connection. When set to false, it will be signalled immediately. Route gebrahch Gateway ipv6-route2gw 4. This testing tool is used exclusively by the service staff. Forwarding Label for the key. Call Duration locked-configmenus Enables the indication of call duration on display. PIN entry exceeds max.

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