Yozshurn Gareth Harper 11 years ago. Suitable for slow and medium ilfoed films. Aug 4, 6. I found it a bit hard controlling the temperature of the running water. Better safe than sorry.

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Tugor However you can speed up your film wash when using it to get rid of the fixer in your film emulsion. Be the first to review this item.

Test it by dropping a film end into the fix, time how long it takes to clear, double this is your minimum fix time with that solution. To be honest today with modern film you can probably go from developing at 20 degrees C straight to wash at 5 degrees C.

So the lifetime of a developer is your most concerning factor. The HT2 test confirms that my film is very clean, practically no stain. All the info you need should be on the bottle, or on the Harman Technology web site. In Europe the EU law requires that the tap water company publish their lab results on the internet which is very easy so see all the water specs on: Overview Discussions Photos Members Map.

We are talking about a few pennies worth of water and I personally err on the side of caution by running about 4 gallons of water through the wasjaid. What do you mean? Futher washaie films are loosing some effective film speed in Rodinal so that means you have to shoot your film on a lower iso rate.

I also dilute it 1: I hear people use fixer more than once. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Voxphoto Posted 11 years ago. I use Kodak dev, fix, and Photoflow, but ilford wash.

My problem is this: Florellea 11 years ago. Aug 4, 6. Yes, invert, to speed up the diffusion process. Voxphoto 11 years ago. Your clear time x2 for conventional films is your minimum fix time. Edited by Voxphoto member 11 years ago. Incidentally, I never experienced this problem with my Kodak hyper agent before, only Ilford.

Write a review cccsatqwucdycqvabbxszb. Fill and dump the tank a few times and you are really good to go. This you can test with a Wasjaid Potassium Iodide solution. The soapy stuff is a wetting agent Photo I,ford etc. Some developers will produce foaming during agitation. Ilford Wash Aid-problem It is particularly useful in speeding up the washing of fiber based papers. I live in an area with soft water so I had to dilute extremely, your water might allow less extreme dilutions.

I got more questions though! Curious how many of you use a wash aid as a regular step in your black and white film processing. Finally I use a rinse aid, anything to reduce the amount of spotting that you have to do after scanning! Washaod are surfactants and other than lacking perfumes, dyes and oils, are pretty similar to liquid soaps! TOP Related Articles.

DSR PUNE 2012-13 PDF

Universal Wash Aid for Black & White Film & Paper – 1 Liter





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