Cover art by Chaykin. In he designed the album cover of The Legend of Jesse James , a concept album about legendary outlaw Jesse James. In , Chaykin launched American Flagg! Chaykin made wide use of Craftint Duoshade illustration boards, which in the period before computers allowed him to add a shaded texture to the finished art. Chaykin and American Flagg!

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But I am going to try The story begins with a murder, and a robbery. A prostitute named Dagmar kills a priest, and the prostitute that is servicing him, with a thermite bomb. This is the obvious in retrospect downside to using such a convoluted method to try and dispose of an incriminating piece of evidence.

Later that same day, Cass Pollack, a man of seemingly little moral fiber, is released from detox or so he claims and is taking his sweet time going home to his soon to be ex-wife and their three year old daughter. While getting home far later than was expected will be good for Pollack, it will be very bad for his soon to be ex-wife and their three year old daughter.

It seems that Pollack has pissed off some very, very bad people. Two hit men show up at the motel where Pollack and his family are currently staying and kill both the wife and the kid. Then they wait for Pollack to show up, so they can kill him, too One that looks more than a bit like Dagmar.

In exchange for a ride home, the hitchhiker gives Pollack a very well timed and memorable blow job. Fleeing crooked cops and mobster hitmen, Pollack returns to the house where he dropped off the beautiful hitchhiker and Well, that is when the story starts to get perverted and weird, in a fun, fascinating, and gruesome kind of way. I think it is a fair assumption to make that, whether or not you will be the slightest bit interested in reading Black Kiss, will be dependent upon whether or not the sex and violence that I described in the above synopsis gets you interested in finding out what weird and perverse things happen next.

If the above described sex and violence sounds offensive to you, then the rest of the book will offend you to very core of your being. There is no way that it could not. But, if your, ahem, interest is the slightest bit aroused by the above description. There were several times when I could not believe I was reading and seeing what I was reading and seeing in the panels of this graphic novel. None of the primary characters in the story are all that sympathetic, or even all that likable.

Each and every one is a ruthless criminal, a sexual deviant, or both. They all want something for themselves and do not care who they hurt or kill to get it. If you like teddy bears and flowers and happy endings, Black Kiss is not for you.


Howard Chaykin

Publication history[ edit ] Black Kiss became one of the most controversial North American comics of the late s , due to the comic having the sort of explicit scenes of sex and violence unseen in most comics published at the time. This meant that casual browsers could not open the comic, or obviously see the internal content however, this was not done when Vortex released a series of collected editions called Big Black Kiss in The series attracted a vast amount of controversy, mainly over its sexual content, but also because of the pairing of sex and violence that Chaykin used throughout the series, and especially in the later issues. However, the series attracted praise for bringing the hard-boiled crime genre back into comics, and Chaykin himself was appreciated for his storytelling techniques.




Black Kiss




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