He also became a hero. Until that Saturday evening, he and his twin brothers, Beck and Tristan, had caused all sorts of mischief. They were daredevils and loved to play pranks. Neighbors cringed when they saw them coming. They were just idiots. Smart as whips, but still idiots.

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Hotshot Buchanan-Renard 11 41 Julie Garwood Mimi was reeling from the news that her ex-husband was involved. Peyton walked out with her. She said something funny, and Mimi was laughing as she rounded the corner and bumped into Len. He grabbed her by the shoulders to steady her, then stepped back. Peyton quickly made the introductions. As Len turned to watch her walk away, Peyton tapped his arm to get his attention.

Come on, Peyton. Lucy pushed aside some catalogs so they could sit. Lucy and Peyton shared a look. Another chance? Peyton wondered. Was Len going to ask them to take her back again? But he insisted she came to him with the idea.

I just wanted to get my brother off my back. Peyton was giddy with joy. She looked at Lucy and could tell she was feeling the same. There had been too many setbacks that delayed the opening. They might as well face the facts and admit their failure. Len continued. What did you say? There have been too many things that have been out of your control. Are you up for it? He was getting ready to leave and would be back next weekend so they could go shopping for an engagement ring.

He was thrilled. She came on the line a minute later. Her greeting was predictable. Finn MacBain asked me to marry him, and I said yes. Our Finn? We have to plan a wedding. Love you. Peyton sat on the bed, watching Finn pack. We could be married next year. Yeah, we can get married here, but not next year. How about next month? He finally agreed.

It would be a summer wedding. But marriage to you. She had always been his. The hotel and every bungalow were filled to capacity with family and friends who had booked months before. Olympic hopefuls were also there, as well as several top coaches. They all knew who Finn was. By a unanimous vote it was decided that Uncle Len would officially open the center. The chrome-and-white dome hid the beautiful pool. A huge crowd gathered to watch as Len walked forward.

Most of the men and women were in swimming attire and were anxiously waiting to jump into the cool water. After welcoming everyone, he pushed a button and the dome came to life. The sides spread wide, then disappeared into thin trenches that closed seamlessly.

There was a good deal of cheering and laughing. Finn stood watching the festivities. The terrace adjacent to the pool was adorned with colorful bouquets on tall pedestals, and two lavish buffet tables sat on opposite ends. Beyond, scattered on the manicured lawn that the gardeners had nurtured, round tables with chairs, all covered in white linen, waited for the guests to sit. Most of them were in the pool now. Finn understood. He and Peyton had been married nine months, and he still wanted to throw his arms around her whenever she was near.

At the buffet table Lars inspected his delectable creations—all with an aquatic theme—and beamed with pride. Finn nodded toward Peyton and then toward the two men a few feet away from her. Finn heard a burst of laughter behind him and turned. Len and Mimi were also having fun. Mimi had just said something funny, and Len looked like a besotted schoolboy.

Was it something in the water down here? Finn wondered. He sure as certain had. Peyton walked around the pool to join him. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Something was going on because Beck had that devil grin on his face. Then he turned back to Finn. Finn looked at Peyton. She smiled and shrugged. Tristan was designated the starter. People began to cheer their favorites. The crowd closed in on her and she had to step around a couple standing in front of her in time to see the swimmers making their flip turns.

Suddenly a huge roar erupted from the people watching. She turned and saw Finn gliding home to the finish, his competition still halfway across the pool. Barely winded, he raised up out of the water, looked for Peyton in the crowd, and smiled.

She laughed and thought, Still a hotshot.


Hotshot (Buchanan-Renard #11)

Little did he know that "little Peyton" was going to finally get her Hotshot hero. What worked The beginning of the story was really great, especially the prologue. Finn and his two brothers stole that portion of the story and I got a great sense of their family dynamics. When things turned sour, the tension level ratcheted up pretty fast and I was on edge. Great dialogue and chemistry. Where it started to fizzle Peyton was too smart for some of the decisions she made and her lackadaisical attitude towards the threats leveled at her, not once but twice.


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Dura Buying Format see all. Another contemporary from Julie Garwood where we have a superstar FBI agent mixing it up with the grownup version of the garwoood girl he saved from drowning years ago. Over the years they had built up quite a repertoire of stunts, like the time they strung a zip line from the roof of their house to a huge walnut tree in the wooded area behind the backyard. Loved, loved loved this book. Saving Grace View in iTunes. When they do reunite their passion goes from smoldering to explosive quite rapidly.



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