But, I am very close to giving up on finding an actual good werewolf book to read. All the ones I seem to pick just dont do it for me. Unfortunately and sadly , Heart of The Wolf is that book. This starts out well enough, with much potential and an interesting enough storyline to keep curious. We are introduced to Bella and Devlyn, our protagonists, and the strain between them and their pack leader, Volan. Yet, somewhere along the way it gets lost.

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He looked about eighteen, two years older than she. Hunger to be like her? Wild and free? Lifting her chin, she resolved to make the human hers. She untied her ankle-high boots, then slipped them off her feet. And heard him with her sensitive hearing when he stepped on dried oak leaves and pine needles to draw closer, to see her more clearly. Tilting her nose up, she breathed in his masculinity.

Masculine but not as wild as her own kind — lupus garou. She tugged her pale blue dress over her head, struggling to shed her clothes as quickly as she could now. Wanting to get her plan into motion, before she changed her mind, or one of the pack tried to change it for her. So why should it matter if she left them and chose the human boy for her own? The human pulled off his breeches. A boy, still not well muscled, but well on his way. A loner — like a rogue wolf — determined to endure.

They had the same dark hair and eyes, which maybe explained why the human had attracted her. She wanted Devlyn with all her heart, but craving his attention would only result in Volan killing him. Best to leave the pack and mate with a human, cut her ties with the grays, and start her own pack. Her gaze dropped lower to the patch of dark hair resting above his legs and She raised her brows. A thrill of expectation of having his manhood buried deep inside her sent a tingling of gooseflesh across her skin.

She smiled at the sight of him. He dove into the water with a splash. With powerful strokes he glided across the placid surface of the small, summer-warmed lake. She slipped out of her last petticoat, then her drawers. Without a stitch of clothes on, she stood on the opposite shore, waiting for him to catch sight of her.

She had to entice him to make love to her. And transfer the beauty of the wolf to him in the ancient way. Running her fingers through her cinnamon curls, she fanned them over her shoulders, down to her hips. His mother, father, and little sister had died during the winter, and none of his kind lived within a fifteen-mile radius.

Like her wolf pack, most humankind desired companionship. She stepped into the water. Then he caught sight of her. His dark eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. His eyes inspected every bit of her, but then he turned and swam away from her, back to the shore and his clothes.

What was wrong with him? Her mind warred between anger and confusion. She swam toward him, trying to reach the shore before he dressed and headed back to his cabin.

In disbelief, she stared after him. She snapped her head around. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw the gray leader. Volan stood like a predator waiting for the right time to go after his prey.

His ebony hair was bound tight, and his black eyes narrowed. As a wolf, he was heavyset, broad-shouldered and thick-necked, the leader by virtue of his size, powerful jaws, and wicked killer canines.

But now he stood as a man, his thoughts darker than night, his face menacing as he considered her swimming naked in the lake. Did the boy get away in time, before Volan caught sight of him? How could she be so naive as to think that Volan would let her have a human male?

She paddled in place and glared at him. Had he smelled the human? Her heart rate quickened. She swam back to her clothes, determined to draw his attention away from the boy. Then she spied Devlyn, watching, half hidden in the shadows of the forest, as if he and the pack leader were maneuvering in for the kill.

A pang of regret sliced through her that Devlyn might have seen her lusting after a human. Three years older than she, he still vied for his place within the pack.

A strap of leather tied back his coffee-colored, shoulder-length hair, and she fought the urge to set it free, to soften his harsh look. His equally dark brown eyes glowered at her, while his sturdy jaw clenched.

He stepped closer, not menacingly, but as if he stalked a deer and feared scaring away his prey. She raised a brow. She growled. Devlyn, too, eyed her with far too much interest. She hurried to slip into her clothes, irritated to have the wrong audience. Still, the way Devlyn closed in on her, only keeping a few feet from her until she was dressed, while Volan remained a hundred yards away, sent a trickle of dread through her.

So what were they up to? She left her wet hair loose, then Volan nodded. Devlyn surged forward and grabbed her wrist. In the same instant, Volan charged in the direction of the woods where the young man had disappeared.

He intended to murder the boy. Wanting to save him, she struggled to free herself from Devlyn. Anger smoldered in the depths. She tried to break free, and he wrenched her back to his side. Then he tightened his grip again. God, how she wanted him to save her from Volan A howl sounded in the distance, and she sank to her knees.

Volan had murdered the young man and shouted his actions to the world with great pleasure. Devlyn yanked her from the ground and hurried her on their way. Volan would hunt us down, both of us. What kind of a life would that be? Is that what you want? She sensed that his hormones raged, urging him to mount her. Her breath came quickly as she desired his attentions, but feared them, too.

Feared them because of what Volan would do to Devlyn if Volan caught him lusting after her.


Heart of the Wolf



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Heart of the Wolf


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