For a time, he was uncertain how many books there would be in the end but plans on seven. As of [update] , a fifth and sixth were in the works, 24 years after the publication of the fourth book. Jim McCarthy is a military scientist tasked with clearing a nest of worms, one of the more well known types of Chtorr. He notices that they have a level of intelligence and brings back three eggs for further analysis.

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For a time, he was uncertain how many books there would be in the end but plans on seven. As of [update] , a fifth and sixth were in the works, 24 years after the publication of the fourth book. Jim McCarthy is a military scientist tasked with clearing a nest of worms, one of the more well known types of Chtorr. He notices that they have a level of intelligence and brings back three eggs for further analysis. Back at base, he learns that political squabbling is getting in the way of making any real progress on understanding the invasion.

He is soon recruited to a mysterious group known only as "Uncle Ira" who dedicate themselves to clearing out the Chtorr at any cost. He quickly realizes that the massacre, and his death, were planned by Uncle Ira as a way of getting the international community to wake up to the Chtorran problem. A Day for Damnation [ edit ] On a mission in deep Chtorran territory, Jim McCarthy and his crew crash their helicopter in a blizzard of strange pink fuzz.

The crew takes this opportunity to observe previously unknown aspects of the Chtorran life cycles and ecology. Particularly interesting is an odd ritual observed between bunnymen[ clarification needed ] and worms where they seem to play together in harmony.

Upon return to San Francisco, McCarthy spends some time studying the zombie phenomena that surfaced soon after the invasion; massive groups of people seem to lose all but the most basic animal intelligence and wander aimlessly in herds, occasionally luring in others who get too close. Using what he learned, he leads a team near a nest of worms and attempts communication like the bunnymen. Although the experiment seems to work initially, the worms turn violent and attack the humans and other Chtorr.

A Rage for Revenge [ edit ] The third book in the series alternates between two stories, Jim McCarthy experiences Mode Training and flashbacks to his time in a cult.

He is taken prisoner and slowly brainwashed into the lifestyle of the cult and their leader, Jason Delandro. The cult also practices a type of hedonism, characterized by free love including pedophilia. On an expedition, Jim discovers a military base with a working radio. Jim heads to a peninsula on the California coast where his mother used to live, called Family, and adopts three orphans. Jim realizes that the worms were led by Delandro and manages to capture and execute him. Jim is sent to Mode Training to learn to overcome basic human psychology.

As a final test in the training, the group is forced to accept the death of one of their own, Jim, by the hand of the leader Daniel Foreman. The gun Foreman was using turns out to be loaded with blanks, and as the group accepted his death, they pass the course. Tirelli and McCarthy had previously been romantically involved, and they expand that relationship after Tirelli leads McCarthy to testify in a meeting with the President of the United States regarding the need to drop a nuclear bomb on the heavy Chtorran infestations in the Rockies, arguing that the people who live there are no longer human.

A Season for Slaughter [ edit ] Leading a patrol, Jim McCarthy is annoyed by a senior officer from Montreal who insisted on coming along but does not understand the gravity of the situation. In reality, the grove looked dead, but the officer did not know this and agreed on record to cede all authority to McCarthy.

While examining the grove, the scientists discover a massive womb-like structure beneath it that they theorize is the place where all the Chtorran life forms were formed when they fell to Earth. After being reprimanded by his commanding officer, McCarthy is sent on a mission to an area of the Amazon rainforest with some of the heaviest infestations anywhere.

The mission commandeers a massive dirigible originally built as a pleasure craft before the invasion. Aboard the ship, McCarthy and Tirelli finally marry. When trying to figure out a way of communication with the worms via flashing lights, the team accidentally sets off a Chtorran war where the worms battle each other in a massive slaughter. On the way home the flight crew realize too late that Chtorran stingbugs have created too many holes in the helium chambers, causing a massive loss of lift gases.

Quickly dumping cargo, the ship heads back to civilization as fast as possible but crashes when still several miles in Chtorran territory. Fearing that Liz is dead, Jim hears her voice on a radio briefly. To rescue her he contacts a government official, a woman with Down syndrome and brain implants who McCarthy correctly surmises is an unwitting member of the Telepathy Corps, and utilizes their communications network to request a search for Tirelli.

Although Liz is eventually found, the book ends with everyone still awaiting rescue. A Nest for Nightmares[ edit ] In June , the fifth book called A Method for Madness at that time was reportedly slated for release September [1] [4] but according to the author, at the end of August only the first draft was finished and given to beta readers.

The story is unusual in that the tactics used by the aliens eschew the usual direct attack in favor of terraforming the ecosystem. The United States has suffered serious political and social upheavals. These have come from unintended consequences of US government choices regarding geopolitical crises and interventionism.

This had been similar to a larger, higher-technology version of the Arab-Israeli conflict , the Arab—Israeli War , and others.

The books do not explain the detailed conduct of the fictional new war, neither do they state which countries fought Israel. In a case rather like a reversal of the Cuban Missile Crisis , America had been placed under an explicit nuclear ultimatum from the Soviet Union. Modern printings of the books, however, state that the ultimatum came from Russia.

The United States had been substantially hobbled by the Millennium Treaties. Years later there had been subsequent treaties after the United States entered a bitter war in Pakistan. The US failed in its objectives there, and it was given another nuclear ultimatum. As a result, the United States was required to greatly weaken its armed forces, to comply with new bans on certain weapon systems, to make official statements of culpability for warmongering, and to undertake new programs of civic education for the young that were supposed to establish precautions against the possibility of Americans making choices to start future wars.

Also, the United States was made to pay heavy reparations to the international community. Other countries continue to become more hostile, even though it is not always in a military sense of hostility. Secondly, the U. The new US national security strategy is subtle, and has a focus on making other countries more reliant on the United States. This was done through applying economic diplomacy , sharp power , soft power , and other measures to increase foreign dependency on a variety of assets and systems controlled or heavily influenced by America.

In great secrecy, the American government continues work on advanced military technologies, dual-use technologies , and finding means to leverage the revolution in military affairs to gain advantage in this radically new geopolitical situation. The books give attention to such things as high-energy microwave weapons , cyberwarfare , military teleoperation , and intelligent agents that can be militarized. All these efforts are forbidden under the Millennium Treaties.

As the survivors struggle to rebuild civilization, they gradually discover that hundreds of alien plant and animal species have mysteriously begun to entrench themselves. All these strange species are far more opportunistic and aggressive than the native organisms occupying the same ecological niches.

The invaders are called Chtorrans after the sound made by the most deadly predator encountered so far. There are no signs of sentient aliens, but humans presume the invasion to be deliberate, either "seeded" from space or brought by undetected spacecraft. With each new layer of organisms, a bit more hierarchy to the Chtorran "societal" structure is revealed, allowing the possibility that all these organisms will transform the Earth in support of some worse, higher form of Chtorran life.

Another possibility is that collectively the Chtorr are the aliens. The ecological invasion has gained enormous footholds, and humanity has yet to figure out who the true enemy is; let alone how to fight back successfully. The books largely follow the adventures of Jim McCarthy, a scientist and soldier in the U. Army, who attempts to understand the Chtorran ecology even as he engages in combat to destroy it.

His early efforts primarily focus on the "Worms", a particularly large and dangerous apex predator Chtorran species whose prey consists largely of human beings. McCarthy and other scientists investigate the rapidly expanding webs of Chtorran ecosystems and attempt to unravel the relationships between the species.

In addition to descriptions of alien ecology, the Chtorr series includes lengthy expositions on various aspects of human psychology, particularly under wartime and survival conditions. The books are written from his point of view. Jim is a military scientist who was drafted into the secret "Uncle Ira" group as a way of fighting the Chtorran infection without political oversight.

He is bisexual, and retains a loving relationship with Lizard Tirelli. Jim is often characterized as being very brash, abrasive and impulsive. She starts off as a captain who pilots helicopters, but by the fourth book she has been promoted to general and is one of the leaders of the US military in its war against the Chtorr.

She is in a complicated relationship with McCarthy. Ted joins the Telepathy Corps early on in the series and has a chip implanted in his brain which allows other Telepathy Corps members to access his body. He talks about how he no longer feels a connection with his body; as part of the Corps mass mind, he can occupy and use any other Corps body.

General "Uncle Ira" Wallachstein: The leader of a top-secret military group with authorization only from the President. Officially, neither Wallachstein nor his organization even exists. The purpose of the "Uncle Ira" group is to do whatever it takes to fight the Chtorran invasion -- whether inside or outside the United States -- and they ignore the politics that inevitably get in the way.

Daniel Foreman: An enigmatic and harsh man who leads the Mode Training courses. He writes articles under the name "Solomon Short" and is quoted as such at the heading of the chapters in books 3 and 4.

General Wainwright: The highest-ranking member of the military shown in the books. The General is more of a politician than a fighter, and is usually characterized as putting his own troops at risk rather than risking a political bungle. He has told McCarthy numerous times that he has a personal hatred for him, something that only seems to amuse McCarthy. Wainwright has an assistant, Dannenfelser, who has an open personal dislike for McCarthy and often seeks to make him miserable.

Jason Delandro: Jason is the spiritual leader of a group of renegades living nomadically in unpopulated territory in the United States. He is very convincing and has an extremely loyal, almost religious, following. He believes in living as hosts and treating the Chtorrans as guests, with the understanding that the Chtorrans could take whatever they need, including innocent human life. Three of the members of his group are actually worms; one, Orrie, raised from birth, and the other two trained by Orrie to understand humans.

The human-Chtorran relationship amongst the renegades is complex, but ultimately results in a loss of humanity for those involved characterized by people giving their newborn babies as food to the worms with complete acceptance of and subservience to the Chtorrans. Although originally initiated as a government program, many characters mention a fear that the Teep Corps has become a massmind, and is free from any oversight. Members are stripped of their personal identity and lose their personal connection to their own bodies.

Often, a new initiate will become "lost" by losing sentience and simply becoming a body and collection of memories for the Corps. Although it has been shown that members can show individuality, they have a different concept of what it means to be an individual.

Since any member can potentially fully control any body of any other member, bodies are conceptually separate from individual minds. Many Corps members are actually not aware that they are members, as they have had the microchip implanted in them without their knowledge. This was originally done to allow the Corps to spy on renegade groups within Chtorran mandalas, but it is hinted that the process has become out of control and the Corps may have used it as a way of controlling political entities.

Zombie Herds: In some metropolitan areas, humans have been observed losing their sentience and shambling around in mindless herds. It is uncertain what is the cause of it.

Zombies have been observed having almost no desires or inhibitions, acting like simple animals.


[PDF Download] GURPS War Against the Chtorr (Steve Jackson Games) [Read] Online

Vigore Thanks for the re if you were. Add a copy to your collection. The general direction of the books, is that the infestation gets worse as it goes on and new types of lifeforms show up as the series progress. Carellaand published by Steve Jackson Games. Similar to Fallout but with eldritch aliens that take over a planet and seduce the remaining native ecology into assimilating itself into the Chtorr ecology. I was able to fly. Everything was in awe.





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