From battlesuited space marines making an orbital drop to cinematic Japanese anime action featuring giant walking tanks piloted by beautiful alien princesses, GURPS Mecha covers the entire genre of mecha action! Advanced rules with a plethora of options like transforming and combining machines that can turn into cycles or fighter planes, overload boosters, psionic mecha, energy battlesuits, giant swords and shields, even steampunk mecha! Character creation rules for mecha-genre characters and cinematic aliens. Advice on using mecha in everything from alien invasions to superhero campaigns, and suggestions for running anime-themed adventures.

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Here, top-secret battle mecha are built, repaired, and kept combat-ready to deal with the alien marauders that swarm down from the stars. What had once been her mecha. When Bobbi Greenland had said "a few minor modifications," Mara expected tinkering with the beam cannon or sensors.

But not this! Her Seraph Delta was 33 feet tall, a humanoid machine with two arms, two legs and a turret-like head. But now its former sleek, graceful lines had vanished under plates of bolted-on ceramic armor. A steel angel had become an iron ogre, heavier and more menacing. Bobbi Greenland smiled. It was always nice to be appreciated. Well, quite a lot.

Going in, anyhow. What if I have to run for it? Or they try to? You explode. Mara started forward, hunting for a weapon. That servo-wrench would do. It made a hollow sound. An exo-armor husk: ablative ceramic plates secured by explosive bolts. So if I want speed - " "You blow the husk off.

Boom, and there goes 25 tons! Even if she was an alien. But unlike a super-powered robot, cyborg or mutant, the mecha pilot retains his human vulnerability. In fact, he can be anyone, from a veteran soldier to a teenage school kid. This is one reason mecha are such popular subjects for novels, comics, games and, especially, for Japanese animation "anime". GURPS Mecha provides guidelines for many different styles and types of mecha-centered campaigns, from the realistic to the completely over-the-top.

The most enjoyable part of the project was coming up with a ready-to-use campaign background. Racial Advantage: she is a Del Karva, possessing a double heart. Racial Disadvantage: Unusual Biochemistry -5 points. Point Total: Bobbi Greenland looks like the girl next door, except for her habit of dressing in greasy coveralls and a tool belt, dying her hair in odd colors, and carrying a notebook computer. Her father is the Overboss Tostog, ruthless crimelord of the interstellar syndicate known as the Gebberoth.

Her flight in a stolen spaceship and crash landing in Greenland came just in time to deliver a warning of the alien threat. The armor is ablative, but DR is cumulative with underlying armor. The exo-armor husk weights 52, lbs. Statistics: Loaded weight 50, lbs. Empty weight 46, lbs. Loaded mass Mecha volume cf. Ground Performance: Speed 40 mph, gMR 1. Without exo-armor: Speed 55 mph, gMR 1. Aerial Performance: None. Without exo-armor: Flight-capable. Can hover.

Effective motive thrust lbs. Lift ST Space Performance: Space-capable. Without exo-armor: Space-capable. Other special rules cover exotica like battlesuits made of energy fields, steam-age mecha, and baroque anime-style weaponry such as energy waves, wind cannon and giant shields. It should be useful for fantasy games as well, to give giants their own huge swords or axes.

With a little effort they can become an fascinating addition to other adventure settings. The finest of them is the Virgo Dragonstar, which is inherited by the crown prince or princess upon their coming of age.

He or she views the world through a periscopic lens that looks out the crystalline vision-slit in the head. Also, its locked and hostile mind-interface means this mecha can only be safely used by those with royal blood!

Subassemblies: Two arms, two legs, limited turret. Drivetrains: Anachronistic drivetrain with 25 kW motive power. Arm Motors: Two anachronistic ST cheap arm motors.

Cockpit: Anachronistic cockpit with no life support. Neural Induction Field with interface only, interface lock blood relatives of the royal family , and hostile interface options.

Sensors: 10x magnification telescope. Power System: TL3 Mana engine with Access Space: Empty Space: 5. Volumes: Turret 6 cf, body 60 cf, arms 6 cf each, legs Areas: Turret 20, arms 20 each, body , legs 50 each, total area Structure: TL3 medium frame, standard materials. Other Options: Overload Booster. Statistics: Loaded Weight 8, Empty Weight 8, Loaded mass 4. Mecha volume Health 8.

Dimensions: height 6. Ground Performance: Speed 19 mph. Move 9. The Dragonstar Blade: 11x thrusting bastard sword, weight 55 lbs. A trooper in an M is better protected than a combat cyborg of equivalent cost, although the battlesuit is a larger target and its use requires extra training and maintenance.

Urban policing? Hey, want to bet them suits be wearing arctic camo real soon? Them Alaskans better watch their behinds. The Borgjager looks like a big suit of ultra-tech combat armor. Its legs are proportionately larger than a humans, and its head is studded with various sensor and antennae arrays. Drivetrain: Legged drivetrain with 1. Arm Motors: Two cheap ST 25 arm motors. Cockpit: Battlesuit system for pilot weight lbs. Complexity 2 suit computer in turret.

NBC Kit in body. Neural interface socket in turret. Built-In Weaponry: None, but see below. Comsuite: Basic comsuite in turret. Power: All systems require 2. Empty Space: Turret 0. Volumes: Each arm 0. Areas: Arms 4 each, turret 7, body 15, legs 7 each, total Structure: Heavy, expensive. Surface Features: Sealed. Basic Infrared Cloaking. Other subassemblies are PD 4, DR 45 laminate. Statistics: Loaded weight 1, Health


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GURPS Mecha: Mighty Battlesuits and Anime Fighting Machines


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