Nello specifico la scelta "Qualcuno con cui correre" di D. Si tratta di un romanzo di formazione, a lieto fine. Ho trovato originale questo parallelo tra corsa e lettura: si avanza inseguendo-correndo e ricercando. Tutto si svolge in un arco temporale ridotto, sfalsato di un mese. Ritengo sia rivolto a un pubblico variegato, non necessariamente adolescente, in ogni libro ognuno di noi trova quello che vuole trovare e credo di aver incontrato la parte di adolescente che vive ancora dentro di me.

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Start your review of Qualcuno con cui correre Write a review Recommends it for: they put a rabbit on the moon Recommended to Mariel by: and if you can believe Assaf knew: when he stood like that, he was wearing the expression that once made Reli, his sister, say, "You got lucky with one thing, Assafi- with a face like that, you can only surprise people for the better.

Or even better to have that face. I made a sacrifice. I had to make a sacrifice. I know exactly when and where. It had lasted and it was so sweet. You have no idea how sweet it was. It almost never lasts. I wish it lasted. I had detailed fantasies sprung alive out of me, to carry me far, like running. Emilie said this book was like being held. It is like that, and like if someone really saw you.

If you could have faith that that sort of thing could happen it feels like reading this book. I knew that there was a reread of this book for me and I "saved" it for years. I regret it a little, that sacrifice. I am not good enough for this kind of love today last week, the day before but not all days because I was once in If I could figure out how to do his Aroning, like Marieling, and teach someone else then it would be like in Someone to Run With.

So I have no damned idea how to do that. Someone to Run With made me go Marieling again and it was so sweet. I kind of did this time, only there was a shadow behind me.

It was like when you want to ask "Does anyone ever Assaf actually lay down beside her, lay right down and hugged her, and petted and stroked her, and spoke into her ear, as if he had entirely forgotten where he was, forgotten the place and the nun; only tenderness for the depressed, frightened dog poured out from him. I wish Assaf was real. His face that can surprise you, the big body that is solid. He could almost sit beside you in your head and day dream with you about that friend of his or the one you had just like it in school days.

Wistful sigh. Legs to run after the dog. I can hear the pounding on the pavement like a heart beat. His boss from his summer job working for city hall says it is something they do. Take the dog on a leash and it will lead you to where it lives. That a government agency would employ such tactics? The dog takes Assaf to where the owner, the girl Tamar, would go. He could run through her life, learning the rhythm, the beats aligning like that smile.

When Assaf just does that with the dog He just did it, you know? I wish that really happened and I would know where to go when it did. The father role, or the mother, or the child, the grandma, and so on, and so forth. And all evening they talk and laugh and each and fight and watch TV together, each one of them behaving precisely according to his role. Later, they go to sleep, and in the morning they get up and again go off to work or school and come back in the evening, but this time to a different home, and there, everything starts all over again: the father becomes father to a different family; the girl is a girl in a different family.

And because they forgot, during the day, what had happened the previous evening, they always think they are in their own home, the right home, and this is how it goes for all their lives. I wonder if anyone read that and felt let down that he reads her diary. I had forgotten he did that and I started to feel let down again. When Assaf is young he asks his mother what she has to write about in her diary all of the time that she has to have for herself for no one else to see. He asks her if she writes about him.

She tells him that anything she writes about him she would recite to him by heart. He eventually gives up and knows this outside version of his mothers insides, as a trust.

I loved that it was kind of okay that he did this, this diary reading, because he wants to be able to find Tamar. He imagines or not imagines the dog Dinka is against this act. It felt to me like that, because he tells her that he read her diary. He always asked his mother. He feels he would not mistake his little sister for any other little girl in the world. That some people are incredibly lucky to have what they have and then about all of the people who have never had that or have it no longer?

Tamar has been toughening herself up to go on a rescue mission. She breaks her own heart, shaves her head, goes underground. Her diary where she wrote about herself in the third person.

Her dreams hurt. Shai is addicted and buried alive. They have to be willing to hear it, to take it. If it is right then it is shared. If you can still hope that some day it will still happen then you can keep on giving and if you lose that then it is really scary to do it anyway.

I imagine that David Grossman knows this. When Assaf is running he becomes something that he never had before. He and the dog Dinka have the connection. I had one of those book moments when I could have been reading myself on the page. I wish she had believed Assaf would come back before he came back of course he came back!

I feel like him right now, not having this book "saved" anymore as much as he loved her. Maybe it was the too much love, the not enough "space", the constant asking just by loving her so much.

I belong in this book, I mean. He writes things that I wish I could ask people "Do you ever think that So why do I feel like that blister? The far away feeling and no one is on the other end? But it is enough for me to feel rattling around in my bones. Hollow like a birds, only flightless. The wind in the hair from standing still and others are running. I can almost taste it. David Grossman books to me are the place to be unafraid. He knows so much, wears the heart on the sleeve to cover you.

I am so damned happy when it ends like they could go off the pages, though. What now? Tamar noticed that she had never met a person she felt so comfortable being silent with.


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