Doom , we felt the only way to top ourselves was to come up with an evil-doer who had almost godlike powers. Therefore, the natural choice was sort of a demi-god, but now what would we do with him? There were enough would-be world conquerors in the Marvel Universe and in all the other comic book galaxies. That was when inspiration struck. Why not have him not be a really evil person?

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Comment Share And we come to the end of August, which has turned into Ultimate month here at the reread reviews. So I will educated you all! Oh yes. And to conclude things, we get an odd one. Spoilers as always. You can buy the whole thing in a variety of formats: single issues, individual series trades, deluxe hardcover collecting all three and a paperback version of the hardcover.

The same day that I purchased these three books, I also got Iron Man: Extremis, which is a frustrating, brilliant read for many reasons. Until then, we have these three books. Ultimate Nightmare was actually the only part of the story that Ellis was scheduled to write, it acting as a lead-in to a big Ultimate crossover by Mark Millar, but health problems meant that he had to back out and Ellis was put in the position of completing the story.

Ultimate Nightmare is the black ops, history coming back to fuck us, horror-ish story with a team from the Ultimates attempting to discover the source of these nightmarish transmissions that have been broadcasts worldwide. Ultimate Nightmare deals with an area of Russia called Tunguska, which had something crash in it from space years ago. Now, nightmarish transmissions regarding the deaths of various alien civilisations are interrupting broadcasts around the world, speaking of death and no hope, leading to suicides and such.

Fury puts together a small team to investigate made up of himself, Captain America, the Black Widow, and Sam Wilson -- making his first Ultimate appearance.

Weird freaks full of alien machinery, most gone mad No, fighting is about winning The MU Cap is about honour, glory, and pride I find that Ellis gets that point across better than Millar does without turning Cap into a complete asshole. Everything else around him has changed, except for the military and that someone needs their ass kicked.

Fighting is the only place that feels like home to him at this point. Ultimate Nightmare ends with the discovery of the Vision, an artificial life sent to warn us one hundred years in advance of the coming of Gah Lak Tus, something beyond comprehension that is going to kill all life on Earth.

The Vision has spent its years on Earth begin pulled apart by Soviet scientists, constantly trying to heal itself -- it came to give humanity time to prepare and leave the planet.

This series is actually very typical -- to the point of being boring. The alien sent to Earth that betrays its people, the xenophobic alien race, the asshole humans It reads, when looking at the whole story, as something that was thrown together.

They still do a bit, but not too much. Is The Ultimate Galactus Trilogy an event? It was intended to be an event until Millar dropped out And I do think this final part is a quality story. Galactus would be greeted with laughter and mockery and the threat here is meant to be terrifying and so big that it genuinely seems unstoppable.

Earth would get eaten because none of the heroes could stop laughing. Now, a hive-like group of creatures that are approximately one hundred thousand miles long that kill all life on Earth in 24 hours? The limitations prevent showing the horror on the scale that it needs to be shown. The final part of the story combines ground-level action with the larger Gah Lak Tus plot well through Misty Knight, a former cop turned PI after losing an arm in an explosion -- and having it replaced by Tony Stark with a metal thing.

These silver men are part of the Gah Lak Tus onslaught, sent to Earth to soften up humanity psychologically -- get chunks of it prepared to die when the anti-creator comes.

Death cults as a means of killing the planet Gah Lak Tus destroying organic life because its mere existence offends it is a good concept. The ultimate xenophobe -- it so desires to be left alone that it will kill everything there is. But, he still does it -- he has to. Seems like the sort of thing that would come and bite them in the ass. The middle part is the lightest and most expendable part -- a sort of false second act. The first and third parts are pretty good The art on the books is uniformly good.

I also think that Ellis did this story better in the final arc of his Authority run, which did come across as bigger and more epic. Ellis creates other small threats, but it really comes down to Reed inventing something while Xavier thinks at the creature. But, check it out.


The Galactus Trilogy

I was present at the birth of the Universe, and I shall be there at its end. Though I ravage worlds to live, I bear no malice toward any living thing. I simply do what I must to survive. And why must Galactus survive? For, no matter how many worlds I devour … How many civilizations I destroy … It is my destiny to one day give back to the Universe - Infinitely more than I have ever taken from it. So speaks Galactus!


Galactus Trilogy

The broadcast ripples across the psychic plane, and attracts the attention of S. The two teams trace the signal to an abandoned complex built in the era of the Soviet Union and encounter an army of mutated humans, all engineered by a now-defunct Soviet super-soldier project designed to create versions of Captain America. Two characters who make appearances, though unnamed, are Ultimate Unicorn and an Ultimate version of Red Guardian. Vision explains that it traveled to Earth years ago, and when its ship malfunctioned it crashed in Tunguska and was later captured by the Soviets, who amputated portions of its body and grafted them onto Soviet Army volunteers to create experimental super-soldiers. Vision has repaired itself enough to communicate with the world and warns Fury of an impending threat: the Eater of Worlds called Gah Lak Tus. D for further analysis. This forces resident scientist Dr.



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