Mem PPS, Fortron, Celanese — Resinex If you are unable to locate an active data sheet for this material, then this material is likely discontinued, although various other reasons may be behind its removal. Please update your bookmark accordingly. We advise forton you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding error. Property Data This page displays only the text of a material data sheet. The recommended processing conditions are identical to those of our standard unfilled grades. Data sheets for overmetals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

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A shut-off nozzle is preferred to a free-flow nozzle. Melt temperature degC Mold wall temperature at least degC A medium injection rate is normally preferred. All mold cavities must be effectively vented. Tool temperature of at least degC is recommended for parts to achieve maximum crystallizable potential.

These values alone do not represent a sufficient basis for any part design and are not intended for use in establishing maximum, minimum, or ranges of values for specification purposes. Colorants or other additives may cause significant variations in data values. Properties of molded parts can be influenced by a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to, material selection, additives, part design, processing conditions and environmental exposure.

Any determination of the suitability of a particular material and part design for any use contemplated by the users and the manner of such use is the sole responsibility of the users, who must assure themselves that the material as subsequently processed meets the needs of their particular product or use.

To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in this publication is accurate; however, we do not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of such information.

The information contained in this publication should not be construed as a promise or guarantee of specific properties of our products. It is the sole responsibility of the users to investigate whether any existing patents are infringed by the use of the materials mentioned in this publication. Moreover, there is a need to reduce human exposure to many materials to the lowest practical limits in view of possible adverse effects. To the extent that any hazards may have been mentioned in this publication, we neither suggest nor guarantee that such hazards are the only ones which exist.

We recommend that persons intending to rely on any recommendation or to use any equipment, processing technique, or material mentioned in this publication should satisfy themselves that they can meet all applicable safety and health standards. Please call the telephone numbers listed for additional technical information.

The products mentioned herein are not intended for use in medical or dental implants. Any decision about the application of materials must be double checked with the producer of this material.


CAMPUSplastics | datasheet FORTRON 1140L4



CAMPUSplastics | Datenblatt FORTRON 1140L4



Fortron® MT® PPS





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