The company is seeking to use the most up-to-date communications and scheduling technology between the project manager, foreman, suppliers, and operations personnel to insure that deadlines are met. Furthermore, the company will seek to create a reliable pool of individual painters to draw upon and eventually hire all the painters full time with salary and other compensation. The company also plans to carry out an agressive marketing plan starting in year three. This includes literature, TV, radio, billboards and strategic alliances with other large contractors that do not have their own painting services. Marketing Strategy The following sections detail the marketing strategy for Barnum Painters. To develop good business strategies, perform a SWOT analysis of your business.

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This Gem Bonus is in addition to all other bonuses, and you receive it when you qualify for Leadership Bonus and have 9 active first-generation Recognized Managers during the month. This bonus is paid to you when you are Leadership bonus qualified and have 17 active first-generation Recognized Managers during the month.

This bonus is paid to you when you are Leadership bonus qualified and have 25 active 1st generation Recognized Managers during the month. Many people have had experience in other companies, and have come to appreciate the following advantages of our plan.

In addition, there are no annual renewal fees. P Direct Purchase at wholesale price Y O U New Distributor In some companies, you must order your first product from your sponsor, and pay a higher price than wholesale. Not so with FLP. As soon as you sign a distributor application, you purchase product direct from the Company at wholesale price the exact same price all other distributors regardless of level pay!

Since you purchase your product at the lowest wholesale price, as soon as you sell them to consumers at the retail price, you have profit in your pocket! You order your product online, you can sponsor others online; you can advertise you business and sell product with your own MyFLPBiz website that is linked directly to the Company Store; you can communicate with your downline organization; and much more.

This opens the door much wider to sponsoring and training distributors around the continent without having to travel. Since in most cases, your product orders arrive within 3 business days, you do not need to stock a lot of product. You can choose to receive your bonus in the form of a check, or a direct deposit to your bank account, or have it loaded to your FLP Bonus Access Visa card. However, FLP pays all of its bonuses based on the full retail price.

This means more profits for you. Therefore, if work harder than your sponsor, you will earn more; nobody is held back in their earnings potential.

Take a look at the diagram. You always get to count the volume of the current month and the previous month for move up, even if the volume from the previous month was used for another advancement!

Once you achieve any level in the marketing plan, you are locked in to that level until you achieve a higher one; you never lose the level nor the percentage of bonus payout. This never happens in FLP. If they are not satisfied for any reason, they receive a full refund. When you as a distributor make such a refund, the Company stands behind you by replacing the product to you.

Your client base is protected by the fact that we do not sell our products in stores. Since our beginning in , we have provided the highest quality products and the most rewarding marketing plan in the industry. Since then, we have a proven track record of uninterrupted growth. Our marketing plan fits people with all levels of ambition.

We are unmatched in the opportunity we provide for anyone who has the ambition and willingness to work.


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FLP Marketing Plan And Bonus



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