I used to have a very negative attitude towards those who told me that everyone poops. I was really quick to dismiss their claims that everyone poops as mystical hogwash, a sort of pseudo-scientific feel-good philosophy designed to scam the gullible out of their money. I know we all tried it, and imagined that we could poop, but eventually most of us grew out of this phase and This book has turned my life completely around. I know we all tried it, and imagined that we could poop, but eventually most of us grew out of this phase and moved on to more adult endeavors.

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They never stop talking about some place other than where they are, especially when home. Their friends tend to be other travelers or travel agents. Everyone else gets tired of the one-topic conversations. Their homes and offices are littered with travel magazines, including at least 20 years of National Geographic. Sometimes even a good, solid career like mine, a DNA research scientist, is sacrificed to the travel obsession. I knew a career change was imminent when my southern blots started looking like bar codes on airline boarding passes, and library research included both the New York Times travel section and the Journal of Pathology.

Eventually I learned enough and earned enough credentials to start telling others where to go. Over the years I have found that people, especially slightly older women like me, also want to know how to go.

I make sure my clients will not make the mistake of the American travelers who returned from driving around England believing the English are very religious because their road maps show wayside chapels everywhere. In between travel to over countries the exact number is difficult when borders and names keep changing , my company, DreamMaker Destinations, plans customized trips for groups and individuals. My other company, World Travel Management, is a host agency for travel agents.

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Everyone Poops




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