Gotaur As a humanist in the court of a king who was fighting against the pope, Valla demonstrated that the Donation of Constantine, which had served the papacy to claim worldly power, was a forgery. But it would be elegantiiae to abstract from this diagramming function and infer a world of points and lines with their own particular quantity. Hence, there are three basic categories: He frequently refers to isti epegantiaea suitably vague label for the scholastic followers of Aristotle—including both dialecticians and theologians. Studies on Humanism and Philosophy in the 15 th CenturyAldershot: This is a faithful photographic reproduction of a two-dimensional, public domain work of art.

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Cite 5 0 0G1. Do not add accents and other diacritical marks not present in the source. Convert earlier forms of letters and diacritical marks to their modern form see Appendix G2. In most languages, including Latin, transcribe a ligature by giving its component letters separately.

If there is any doubt as to the correct conversion of letters and diacritical marks to modern form, transcribe them from the source as exactly as possible. Permalink: 5 0 0G1. Cite 6 0 0G2. Do not convert case when transcribing roman numerals.

Permalink: 6 0 0G2. Cite 7 0 0G2. Permalink: 7 0 0G2. Cite 8 0 1B1. Title information preceding the chief title on the title page is considered part of the title proper.

If the chief title is preceded or followed in the source by other elements of information, transpose these elements to their appropriate areas in the description or give them in a note unless case endings would be affected, the grammatical construction of the information would be disturbed, or the text is otherwise grammatically inseparable from the title proper.

In the latter cases, transcribe the information as part of the title proper. Permalink: 8 0 1B1. Cite 9 0 1F1. Separate the titles by a space-semicolon-space if the works are all by the same person s or body bodies , even if the titles are linked by a connecting word or phrase. Permalink: 9 0 1F1. Cite 10 0 0G3. Instead, follow modern punctuation conventions, using common sense in deciding whether to include the punctuation, omit it, replace it, or add punctuation not present.

Permalink: 10 0 0G3. Cite 11 0 30 Elegantiarum Latinae linguae libri sex Permalink:.


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Elegantiae linguae latinae


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