In addition, our horizon has been broadened beyond our local market as we envisaged in the past. M y first encounter with Himu was incomprehensible. Retrieved January 18, For three holes of an ear it looks like a net. He had two sons from the humauyn marriage, Nishad and Ninit.

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The filmmaker at work. Khan explains how Humayun made his eccentric uncle, a character in the drama, teach the phrase to his pet parrot, who he hoped would then teach it to all its fellow parrots. Hummayun breathed life into his characters through the television drama and films he made. You can get an idea about yumayun different opinions of the experts, their thoughts processes and beliefs.

Third, he wrote short novels, where readers could easily find themselves. The writer, who took classes on quantum mechanics while working as a professor in the department of Chemistry at Dhaka University, skilfully painted parallel worlds for us in his books, drama and film.

I have rushed there and seen eleven lice are on a white piece of paper. Ahmed wrote fictional series featuring recurring characters such as Himu 15 novelsMisir Ali 10 novels and less frequently, Shubhro.

Interestingly, Baker Bhai was not even the conventional hero or a do-gooder. We did find ourselves in his stories be it fiction, drama or film. Books are our best companies because books can keep us productively engaged.

They feel well acquainted. It was the mid-eighties when Humayun Ahmed bruised my little heart, as well as the hearts of thousand other viewers across Bangladesh.

Retrieved 29 December Exclusive Deals and Offers! Many Reasons to Love Books: It is an impartial knowledge of sharing process.

This develops a habit of reading and e,ebele ability to concentrate for very long hours. You can then decide to follow or not to follow an ideology. The girl wears three different ornaments in one ear. Views Read Edit View history. Then he tells us the summary of an interview of an actress in a TV channel. They never think whether the programme can be benefited for the society. He used to draw readers into the story by giving the characters very common household names.

Please hurry up, mama. Archived from the original on 2 December InAhmed founded an estate called Nuhash Palli, named after his son Nuhash, near Pijulia village, in Gazipur Sadar Upazila of Gazipur District[49] which grew to cover 40 bigha approximately 14 acres. They would then utter the phrase as they flew in the sky of Bangladesh.

He used to be present on the drama set, during rehearsals, recording as well as editing, informs Khan. The lack of description, however, did not prevent him from conjuring up a magical world for his readers. But Himu made a come back into my life a few years later, when I became a self-declared addict of books written by Humayun Ahmed. Remember me on this computer.

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